Swing Lifestyle Review

In this review, we will talk about one of the oldest dating sites for swingers – Swing Lifestyle. Do you like swinging, sexual experimentation, unusual sexual experience, or are you just bored with a normal partner relationship? Or maybe you are a couple that wants to diversify their sex life, enjoy new experiences, and get to know each other from the other side? Then you’re right this way. Join and enjoy it!

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This platform positions itself as a meeting place for free people. The Swing Lifestyle dating service combines sex with an unusual relationship experience. It is not the only one in his field. There are many dating sites for swingers to date.

What makes this one different from other similar platforms? Is the site worth paying for? Why do you have to come here exactly? We have tried to answer these questions in our review. We have conducted thorough research on the site and collected a lot of useful information for you. Anyway, you have to make the final decision. We’re hoping to be able to help you a little to make the right choice.

What Is Swing Lifestyle

What Is Swing Lifestyle

The Swing Lifestyle platform was created specifically for people with sexual preferences, such as swinging. You can also find the abbreviation of its name on the Internet – SLS. This platform for free people was created in 2001. Later, a smartphone app appeared, which allowed people to get even closer. And it’s one of the oldest sites in the swinging niche. They call themselves a website for “alternative lifestyle dating.” Swingers love it from all over the world. Wherever you are, you will find one or several partners for fun.

“Start Your Sexual Revolution,” tells us the Swing Lifestyle website and offers open people to dive into sexual adventures. People register here to find partners for swinging, orgies, and other interesting activities. Most people here are just looking for sex partners. So if you want to create a serious relationship, you can hardly do it here. Although, you can never say for sure because no one knows how a new acquaintance will end.

In addition to standard features for communication, Swing Lifestyle also offers the opportunity to enter interest groups, communicate in forums, attend events, and invite people to private parties. The platform has done a lot to enable people to socialize.

Member Structure

The Swing Lifestyle platform is very popular among swingers around the world. More than 16 million users are now registered here. Every week, 40,000 people are active, and 7 thousand new users register here. Statistics show that the most active users of the site live in the USA, Germany, UK, and Australia. For example, it is possible to mark out 250 thousand users from the USA. Among other things, the site also registers 5 million people living in Asia, Latin America, and various European countries. Impressive numbers.

In addition to that, it represents the largest community of swingers in the world, so all customers are very active. For example, at any moment, you can record about 5000 people who are currently communicating on the site or count 300 active chat rooms. It’s enough to make sure you will find someone interesting to share your fantasies with today.

The users of Swing Lifestyle service know what they want and how to get it very well. In the first message, you can already write directly what do you want and make a direct proposal. You won’t waste time here with people who are just chatting about nothing or mess with your head. Besides, the paid subscription helps to reduce the number of inactive profiles.

The site is most popular among young men. But there are women here too, although they are almost half as many. Besides, single men and women are interested in couples looking for sex partners on the site. Most users are over 25 years old.

Users Age

The most important rule of the Swing Lifestyle is that people under 18 cannot register here. It is reasonable because the service prevents minors from using the swinger platform and therefore violating the US law. Otherwise, there are no age restrictions here. It means you can find a partner or partners of any age that suits you.

Sexual Preferences

This platform has brought together people with open views on sexual relations. They don’t want to restrict themselves and like to feel free in their sexuality. They’re lewd, liberated, and they’re not shy about anything. As you can understand from the title of the site, they are primarily swingers. In terms of sexual orientation, there are gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. People who are registered here are very tolerant of everyone and open to any sexual experience. The most important thing is to find someone you like. After all, the Swing Lifestyle is a place where you can be free and must not hide your true desires.

Race and Ethnicity

On the freest people platform, there are no restrictions on the race and ethnicity of users. You can meet anybody here. This platform is most popular among Asians, Latin Americans, and Europeans. But Swing Lifestyle is also happy to open its doors for everyone. The main user rule is no restrictions and shame: only freedom, only desire, only sex.

Religious Orientation

There are no religious restrictions, either. Look for people who are close to you by their spirit. Whatever that means. Of course, if people do not like such sites for religious reasons, they can just bypass them. Swing Lifestyle does not hide its orientation and does not want to hurt anyone.

Religious Orientation

Age Distribution

As we have already said, there are no users under 18 on the site. In general, we can indicate that there are people from 18 to 60 years old. As you can see, the age range is very wide. Among other things, the most active age groups here are 25-34 and 45-54 years. People aged 35-44 are a little less active. And people between 18 and 24 years of age and over 55 years of age are the least represented here.

How To Register?

You can register on the Swing Lifestyle platform very easily. It’s free and will only take you a few minutes. As we said before, people who are under 18 cannot create a profile here. Other than that, there are no restrictions. The site is designed to get as much information about this platform as you need before you register.

Couples, as well as single men and women, can register here. To create a profile, click “Join Free” on the main page. Then specify your unique profile name (it should be used by no one except you on the site; try to think of something interesting, of a name that will tell about you), email address, some information about who you are looking for, and you can start using the site. No Facebook registration is available on the Swing Lifestyle platform.

You do not need to upload your profile photo during registration, and therefore you do not have to waste time waiting for its verification. You can start using the site as soon as you register. In general, when you start to actively use the platform, you will see that the function to upload photos, in particular nude photos, is paid here.

After reviewing the site and registering, start looking for what you need and get maximum pleasure from such an acquaintance.

Making Contact

So, after registration, you can start with the most interesting things. It’s about finding a partner and communicating with people. Isn’t that what you came here for? The best way to communicate on the Swing Lifestyle platform is to use messages. Free account users can receive and read their messages. To send and reply to messages, you must pay a subscription fee. The dating site offers you the option to use video calling features, enter chat rooms, take part in forums. Forums are the place where you can leave comments under some discussion or create your own discussions. It helps you get to know other users. You express your opinion, and this attracts people. Besides, it’s also a way to just have fun.

If you start chatting with someone, new messages open in a pop-up window, and you can read and reply to them right away. Such notifications come to both paid and free users. As with most systems for correspondence, you can only read the last message. You can click on the “Reply to message” button, or simply open the message from the notification window, only after you have paid for your premium account. On the one hand, because of this restriction, people might think you’re just ignoring them. On the other hand, the paid profile confirms that you are a reliable user. After all, no one will pay only to make jokes about others or stay inactive on the website, especially since the prices here are quite reasonable.

Using the Swing Lifestyle instant messaging feature is the most convenient with your mobile phone. After all, this way, you will always be in touch and able to respond to messages quickly. Who knows, maybe on your way to work, you can arrange a passionate date. So, you’d better install the app on your smartphone to get the most vivid experience with the platform.

Match System

The matching partner search system works here similarly to many other similar dating sites. To search, use standard filters, and set the desired man, woman, or couple. The system itself can also show you, potential partners. They are selected based on the information you have provided in your profile. Therefore, it is essential to make the filling in of data about yourself seriously.

Profile Quality

We can’t say that all the profiles at the Swing Lifestyle are real and active. But the site administrators monitor them carefully and check the quality of your profile. Also, note that profiles with photos and paid subscriptions are less likely to be fake. Users are not verified by email or mobile phone number during registration. But profile photos are usually checked by Swing Lifestyle administrators. And your photo may be deleted if it violates any of the site rules. If you notice that someone is acting suspiciously, complain about this profile. This function can be found in the “Profile View” tab. Also, do not forget about the account blocking function. It can protect you from other people’s inappropriate behavior.

Usually, the profiles are filled out in sufficient detail; here, you will find a lot of information about a user. You can supplement and change your profile information at any time. Each profile has blocks in which users talk about themselves. Premium account users can hide their profiles from free users.

How To Fill Out A Profile?

You have the option of not uploading your photo immediately upon registration. But you’ll have to do it later. After being checked by a moderator, the picture will appear in the profile. Keep in mind that premium members can hide their profiles from free newcomers. But they will be able to see free user-profiles and even initiate correspondence with them.

So, the first rule is: upload as many photos as you can. And try to buy a premium account. There are some opportunities for photography managing. For example, free users do not see nude photos. But they can open and view normal images.

The second rule is: write about yourself as much as you can. Answer the questions that are on the Swing Lifestyle website. Fill in all blocks of information. It will draw more attention to you. People will know right away who they’re dealing with. And if they do, the chance of success will increase significantly.


There are many platforms for swingers, people with different interests, and open views on relationships and sex. Some of them are more interesting; others are more simple. Why should you choose the Swing Lifestyle over them? Let’s talk about the benefits of this platform.

  • It is easy to create an account and start using the site.
  • The site offers a wide range of interesting and unusual features that help to meet like-minded people in real life and experience a real adventure.
  • Lots of information in user profiles.
  • High-quality website structure.
  • Low premium account rate.

Mobile App

The Swing Lifestyle platform has recently introduced a mobile app. Right on the website, on the home page, you can download the Android and iOS apps. You can also find mobile applications in Google Play and AppStore. These applications are absolutely free. You can download, install, and register or enter your existing login and password. It is much more convenient to use the application than the desktop version. After all, this way, you always have access to your messages, contacts, and photos. Who was there winking at you? Or maybe your friends are uploading new naked images? Or maybe you want to make an urgent video call, and you don’t have a computer at hand. You can also see user updates and new calendar entries in real-time. Be always in touch, and don’t miss the most interesting things in life.

How To Download Application?

To download the Swing Lifestyle app for your mobile phone, go to the Google Play or AppStore (depending on whether you use Android or Apple device), search by name, and download the app. It’s free. You can also access the site home page, at the top right corner, there are icons with links to the mobile application.

The Interface Mobile App

The interface of the Swing Lifestyle mobile application is straightforward, compact, and convenient. The design is quite attractive; bright tones are used. The picture is clear, of high quality. The owners of the platform are constantly working on the development of their applications. For example, the automatic photo upload function, translation have been improved recently, and performance has been increased. In general, using the Swing Lifestyle mobile app is a real pleasure.

Design and Usability

When you enter the name of the site https://www.swinglifestyle.com/ in your browser, you get to the main page. It’s made in light lilac tones. The logo tells you immediately what kind of site it is. It depicts four people of different colors. There are also signatures on this page that indicate where you got to. And there is also an invitation for free registration or authorization.

This page itself has a very convenient structure. On the top left, you will find the form for entering your login and password. There is also a list for navigating the site. It looks like a menu with clickable links. You select a menu item, click, and are taken to the page of your choice. It opens in a new browser tab. You can check all this without even registering on the site. It’s very convenient. Even before you have created a profile and paid for it, you can get acquainted with the information that is here, with the main functions. And understand for yourself, whether this site suits you.

At the center of the page, there is a piece of brief statistical information about the site. Underneath, you can find a very long text that tells about the Swing Lifestyle service. At the top of the page are several navigation tabs: Fantasy lube, Topless travel, Bliss Cruise, link to the form for registration. When using the site, there is a notification function with an audible pop-up, which is difficult to miss.

The site makes a pleasant impression and looks quite attractive. All functions are intuitive. You will not need much time or any special skills to deal with the website. Icons and images on the Swing Lifestyle platform are a little outdated, but this does not spoil the impression of using the service.

Cost and Membership Prices

You can be a paid or free user on the Swing Lifestyle website. It is necessary to pay for a subscription to use all the features the platform provides. However, it is possible to register and explore the site for free. You can buy a premium account for one month. It only costs 14.95 USD. Subscription for three months costs 9.98 USD / Month, and for the whole period, you will pay 29.95 USD. There is a subscription for six months, which costs 8.33 USD / Month, and for the entire period, it will be 49.95 USD. The cheapest subscription will be for 12 months – 5.83 USD / Month, and 69.95 USD. In addition to monthly rates, there is an unlimited subscription of 149.95 USD. These are average rates for this type of site. If you consider what features the platform provides, you can afford a subscription. Use cheques or credit cards to pay the tariffs.

Free Services

Let’s start by talking about what you can do on the Swing Lifestyle platform before you spend the money. You can use the following functionality here for free:

  • Sign in. Create a profile and start exploring the site.
  • Use the search for people on the site, as well as browse the profiles of other users. Quite a useful feature to get to know the website, isn’t it?
  • Use video chat and group chat.
  • Block an annoying user.
  • Leave comments, open discussions in forums.

As you can see, free users here can do whatever it takes to meet and find partners. It can be considered a great advantage of the Swing Lifestyle website.

Fee-Based Services

On the Swing Lifestyle website, you can pay for a subscription and get access to additional functions. The most basic communication function, the message, is partially free. You can only view your incoming messages. Sending messages is already a paid feature. Paid options will help you to enjoy the communication on the platform more fully. Premium account users can:

  • Upload personal photos. Photos will make your profile more interesting for other members and increase your chances of a successful date.
  • View and upload nude pictures. Want to show your naked body and attract more men or women and enjoy the compliments? It’s only possible with a paid subscription.
  • Rate the clubs presented on the site.
  • Approve new users.

Key Features Swing Lifestyle Website

Swing Lifestyle is not only a place for swingers to meet and communicate; it also offers you to visit some intimate and grand events. What makes this platform different from other similar platforms? There are several basic options available. We want to say that they are very unusual and help people add someone with the same views and preferences to their circle of contacts.

Hot Date

It’s a public calendar on a website that everyone can see. You can report here that you are free and would like to meet someone on a certain day. Accordingly, you see such ads of others. You can use this calendar for quick dating, for example. Imagine, you can arrange a date with one or more people at once.


Swing Lifestyle also has its own travel agency, which has been operating for over 15 years. It’s called Topless Travel. Only registered Swing Lifestyle clients can use its services. Parties, parades, safari, and weekly cruises are organized for swingers.

Swinger Clubs

Do you want to find a swing club in your state? Swing Lifestyle can help you do this. Find a map of the USA on the site, click on the state you want. People upload their own clubs to the website. The basic rules for swingers are described for each club.

Stories and Movies

Several thousand erotic stories and movies are collected here. Some of them are paid; some of them are free to access. It all depends on your taste. Such content will help you create a playful mood, wake up desire, inspire, and borrow some spicy tricks. After all, the Swing Lifestyle is not the place to be shy.

Chat Rooms and Forums

It’s hard to say this one original because it is present on many dating sites. But their diversity is worth noting. You pick a chat room according to your interests and join in. You can add more than one room at a time, depending on your interests.


This feature is slightly similar to the Hot Date feature. But it works like this. Swing Lifestyle users create notifications about various parties and events for swingers. Tired of staying home and wanting to have fun tonight? Anything you want for your choice: private home parties, clubs, meetings. You choose an event and sign up for it. After that, you’ll be marked as a guest. It’s a great opportunity to make new friends quickly.

Safety & Security

The security problem is one of the most important issues that interest dating site users. Moreover, this applies to such specific sites as Swing Lifestyle. It should be noted that its clients very highly appreciate this platform. The Company takes all necessary measures to ensure the safety of its customers. The site is fully protected from unauthorized entry. It means that all information about users can only be seen by people who have created an account and specified their data. The site also uses modern technology to protect against hacking and prevent access to information.

On the Swing Lifestyle website, clients do not specify their real names. Each profile has different privacy settings for photos. There is a special internal system for sending an email, and you do not need to specify your email. The mail you use on the site is not visible to other users.

Also, make sure you check the Privacy Policy page before using the site. This paragraph contains a lot of information about company security policy and confidential information.

Is Swing Lifestyle Legit Or Just A Scam?

Swing Lifestyle dating site works legally, thus observing the USA’s corresponding legislation. In this niche of the dating industry, this site is considered one of the oldest.


On the Internet, you will find a lot of reviews about this platform. The dating site for swingers is quite old; there are a lot of users here. If in doubt whether to start using it or look for something else, read the reviews on different sources. In turn, we would like to note that most of the feedback about the site itself or about the mobile applications that we have found was positive. The site’s average rating is 4.5 out of 5.

Contact Information

If you have any problems while using the site, you should contact its administrators. The owners of the Swing Lifestyle platform are very client-oriented, so they are always happy to help you no matter what happens. Unfortunately, you will not find a standard contact form on the website. But you can:

  • send an email to [email protected]
  • call (754) 242-7440
  • and even write a letter to Dashboard Hosting, LLC, P.O. Box 9896, Coral Springs, FL 33075

In Conclusion

Swing Lifestyle can be considered as an old platform or even one of the oldest dating sites in this field. A huge number of swingers around the world have gathered here. These are people of different ages, religious beliefs, sexual orientations. You certainly won’t be bored. And you won’t be alone here either. The Swing Lifestyle platform provides a very well-organized chat communication function. You can also read erotic stories, find adult toys, DVDs. The site’s design is a little outdated, but from the first page, you can see what it is intended for. You go in to register, and the start page speaks for itself. Hardly anyone who’s not interested in swinging will decide to create an account here. So you can be calm. All the users here are like you. You’ll surely find someone who’s right for you. Someone with whom you can realize your most cherished desires and most daring fantasies. Register here for free and start using it. Be sure you like your Swing Lifestyle experience.

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