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  • Free services: Joining the site does not require making payment. You can also post images, fill out your profile, search for matches, and write emails without paying.
  • Communication: The site features incredible connecting features.
  • Simplicity: The AnastasiaDate website is straightforward. You do not need to be tech-savvy to know how it works.
  • Support: There is an excellent customer care team. They attend to users that get stuck within a short time.
  • Positive reviews: The service boasts more than six thousand success stories every year.
  • Design: The layout of the AnastasiaDate website is outdated. Young people who love modern designs find it annoying.
  • Paid service: You must upgrade your membership to access most of the site functions.

The AnastasiaDate platform emerged in 1993 and was officially released in 1997. The site features men residing in the northern part of America and females living in Eastern Europe. The women are mostly from nations like the Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Russia. With the AnastasiaDate service, single people who are far from each other meet and interact. The platform fills the gap between singles from several parts of the world. A lot of people have used the service before, and they have found genuine partners. To get the best from the service, you must upgrade your account. If you choose to be a free user, you will not have access to most features. Continue reading this AnastasiaDate website review to learn more.

How does it work?

How does it work?

The first thing you do if you are new to the AnastasiaDate website is registering. Opening an account will allow you to contact other users on the platform. There are also many other features you can enjoy on the site as a registered member.

To sign up, you need to enter your name, dating preferences, and email address. The AnastasiaDate platform also allows registering through Google accounts. You will need to specify your tastes and your personality on this site, unlike on similar platforms. Doing this enables the service algorithms to find you a suitable partner quickly.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Registering at the AnastasiaDate site takes only three minutes. You have the option of joining through your Google account too.

The registration details include your name, gender, the person you are interested in, email address, and password. Upon providing those details and clicking on the register button, you will receive a verification link in your specified email address. Clicking the link will take you to your profile on the AnastasiaDate dating site.

Profile interface

The dating platform has detailed profiles. The section may get edited later as users keep using the service. On the profile interface, there are sections like user birthday, photos, and videos part. On every account, the site will also show whether a member’s profile is confirmed or not.

On the AnastasiaDate profiles, you will also see the option of printing. Another exciting thing about the service is that users get a glimpse of the people they like. Anyone can watch the videos and any other content on the profile of the person he/she likes.



To find a match at the AnastasiaDate platform, you can use searching filters such as age, ID, nation, likes, or even language.

After getting the person who matches your requirements, you can communicate through several features. Among them is the live chat or CamShare service. The communication features require spending money. The platform also features a chatting room.

The AnastasiaDate site also lets users add images whenever they wish to send correspondences to other individuals. The service requires having credits.

Something else when contacting people on this platform is using a phone. The site has the Call Me feature where people who match communicate through voice. Provided you have credits, you will access this function.

Members structure and activities

The AnastasiaDate website has over 20 million members. The people are from various places around the globe. Each month, there are more than 6 million site visits.

61% of the platform population is females, and 39% are males. All the users are above eighteen years. Users from the United States alone are over 4 million. There are almost 4000 logins on the website each day.

Users age

All the AnastasiaDate website users are over 18 years old.

Sexual preferences

The site does not discriminate against anyone based on sexual orientations. Where you are gay, bisexual, or straight, you can join.

Race And Ethnicity

The AnastasiaDate platform features users from any place around the globe. Most people are from America and Europe. It is possible to find Asians, Blacks, or any other ethnicities.

Religious Orientation

The dating company welcomes users from any religion. Whether Muslim, Hindu, or Christian, you can register at the site.

Members structure and activities

AnastasiaDate dating website features

The aim of the site is to enable people from anywhere in the globe to meet and interact. The platform makes that possible through the following features.

  1. Searching: The search features at the AnastasiaDate website are not complicated. Users can customize them to find matches quickly. You can search using filters such as nation, age, and videos available. There is also an advanced searching option, which digs deeper. With it, you can look for a partner based on kids, looks, lifestyle, and more.
  2. Matching: The AnastasiaDate site recommends suitable partners using the information provided on the profiles. You will get a match through pictures, age, country, and any other thing you specify.
  3. Contacts: The AnastasiaDate website looks organized. There is a contact section where users include the people they like. Doing that makes it easier to find these people next time you log into the site.
  4. Videos: The feature allows members to record, upload, and watch videos.
  5. Phone call: The AnastasiaDate website has the Call Me function that allows members to communicate. No matter your language, you can talk to the person you like with the help of a translator.
  6. Direct calling: This is another communication feature that lets members communicate instantly. Provided the person you like is online, you can talk. However, this function only exists in the Android mobile version of the AnastasiaDate service.
  7. Gifts and flowers: Giving presents is an incredible way of showing people that you love them. Users can send things like flowers, devices, chocolates, and many other items to their matches through the feature.
  8. CamShare: This is a two-way camera communication option. With it, you can see the person interacting with you. The webcam is of high quality. You will get clear images.

Safety & Security

Safety and Security

The AnastasiaDate Company tries to offer a safe dating platform. The whole website has SSL encryption, except at the payment section. So, to protect your financial details, make payment using the PayPal option.

You do not need to worry about safety when making payments using options like PayPal. The systems adhere to specific precautions. The payments happen on the HTTPS servers. The protocol gets utilized when the following occurs:

  • When personal details get transferred.
  • When payment information gets transferred.
  • When any other sensation data gets exchanged.

The HTTPS keeps the above activities safe through encryption. The data gets encrypted and sent to a secure server.

When making payment through credit cards, you will need to provide the CVV number. The data confirms a user’s identity, and it also lowers fraud risk.

The AnastasiaDate website also ensures users are legitimate before allowing them to use the service. However, if you come across a scammer, you should report them. The company promises to ban such individuals from the platform to allow genuine users to enjoy the service without interruptions. Users are also free to block anyone they do not like or anyone they feel has bad intentions.

Is AnastasiaDate legit or scam service?

The dating service is legit. It has been operating since 1993. Currently, there are millions of users on the platform. Security, satisfaction, and innovation are key.

The AnastasiaDate Company is global with physical offices in the USA and Russia. Its offers encompass chatting and dating. All its offers get analyzed by the anti-scam companies, thus ensuring that users are protected.

There are so many success stories online. Most people who have used the site found what they wanted. However, it is good to be careful. The site is legit, but it is possible to encounter scammers. Different people have different intentions. So, be cautious when interacting with strangers. Most importantly, avoid sharing personal information with people to meet at the AnastasiaDate website.

Subscription types and price

Subscription types and price

The cost of the dating service is as below:

  • 20 credits: The cost of one is 0.15 USD. The total will become 2.99 USD.
  • 160 credits: The cost of one is 0.60 USD. The total will become 95.99 USD.
  • 1000 credits: The cost of one is 0.40 USD. The total will become 399.99 USD

Users can pay through credit cards or PayPal.

Free membership

Non-paying individuals at the AnastasiaDate website enjoy the services below:

  1. Registering: Anyone above 18 years old can join the platform without paying.
  2. Browsing: You can search for the people that match your requirements with purchasing credits.
  3. Presents: Users can send virtual gifts to anyone they like.
  4. 360° recordings: These are free videos that users watch. Watching makes them feel like they are in the same place as the people they like.

Premium members at the AnastasiaDate website enjoy the services below.

  1. Chatting live: With this feature, you can communicate instantly with anyone online.
  2. CamShare: The service allows users to see who they talk to through a webcam.
  3. Gifts: The feature lets AnastasiaDate website members send items like flowers, chocolates, and more to anyone they love.
  4. Correspondence: The option enables you to send images when communicating with others.
  5. Phone: This is the Call Me function, which allows users to communicate via voice call.
Website design and usability

Website design and usability

The AnastasiaDate platform is detailed. The home page alone contains lots of information. Navigating the site is not difficult. Sections like news, FAQ, reviews, safety tips, and others get easily accessed with just a few clicks.

Though the AnastasiaDate website layout is good, it seems overwhelming. There exist many images of users; they keep appearing in the right section of the display. However, that will not affect your site exploration. The platform utilized readable fonts. The details are not congested, thus making it easier to use.

Mobile application

The AnastasiaDate app is available for free at the Google Play Store. You need to have an up to date version of Android to use the application.

There is no app for iOS users. With the Android service, you can search for suitable partners on the go. You can write and receive messages, upload pictures, and do anything else that you would do on the desktop site.

Contact information

Company: SOL Networks Limited

Address: 71, Level 4&5, Tower Road, Silema, Malta

Phone: +1(800)356-3130

Email: [email protected]

Mobile application


For singles who wish to connect with people from other nations, the AnastasiaDate website is one of the best services. Many singles from various continents have tested the service and have a lot of beautiful things to say. The platform gives users access to good-looking individuals from many places around the globe. There are also several notable features to help in connecting with suitable matches. A feature like sending flowers helps men catch women’s interest quickly. Apart from that, the AnastasiaDate service is not as costly as other related websites. It is hard for people to spend money on online dating services, but this one is worth it. You are guaranteed an enjoyable experience here. So, get yourself credits to access all the AnastasiaDate site features.

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