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This BBWCupid review tells you about a dating and matching website that is a platform for all plus-sized big beautiful women to find serious partners interested in them.

BBWCupid Overview

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  • BBWCupid is a dating website for plus-sized or BBW women who are serious with dating with most functions being available for free.
  • You can see all the online members while also seeing if someone is using a premium or a free account.
  • Most profiles on BBWCupid have photos on them while being very detailed compared to details on most websites.
  • While browsing through profiles on BBWCupid, you will instantly know if a certain profile meets your criteria and choose the best way to communicate with them out of the many ways available.
  • You have the liberty to block users and members who make you uncomfortable or seem scammers while the site BBWCupid is straightforward to navigate.
  • Unlike other BBW websites, BBWCupid does not have many members, even though it was founded in 2005.
  • BBWCupid even has a blog that has not been changed since 2013, so the website has not been updated in some time.
  • There are many chat features you can choose from, but it does not have video calling.

How Does It Work?

BBWCupid has only one goal: to give BBW from all over the world a secure place to show off their curves and their amazing bodies while not getting discriminated against or body-shamed. BBWCupid even has a very strict zero-tolerance policy against the body-shaming of its members. BBWCupid is part of the cupid media network, which operates in over 30 reputable niche dating websites, with thousands of members.

How Does It Work?

Signup and Login Process

While registering at BBWCupid, new members come across a personality test which they have to take. The personality test is interesting and benefits the member as the questions are detailed and will give you the most compatible matches after registration. The registration at BBWCupid will ask you the necessary information as well like, email, name, and gender. Next, there will be some in-depth information such as what you’re looking for in a partner, personality, and profile headline. After that, you will answer questions about yourself, from four categories; background and cultural views, lifestyle, and appearance. The photos you wish to upload will be submitted here and shown on your profile once approved. The whole process takes around 3 minutes, but it will help you find exactly what you’re looking for like some members look for friends.

Profile Interface

BBWCupid is one of those rare websites that have very information-rich, detailed profiles that overcome one of the biggest problems in online dating, which is knowing the person and liking what you read instead of what you see. The app and website have the same design, interface, and navigation, with a full view site, being very easy to use and understand. All the features that are found on the website can also be found on the application. The interface of a profile at BBWCupid is easy to understand and will help you select your potential partner according to your needs. Firstly, the main picture is on the left side, with a grid of other photographs and albums uploaded. Then there is the user’s name beside the main image, with age followed by the country, region, and city. Below that, we have the gender of the user, relationship status, and user ID number. Below that, there are three boxes parallel to each other, one having an overview question list of the member and habits, i.e., if the member has children if the member smokes. The second box tells us more about the member’s answer to the overview list, and the third box tells us what they seek in their partner from the overview list. Above the three boxes, you can add the profile to “favorites,” or block it. On the top right corner, you see the like option and the message option. You get the members summary below all this and if the user is a match for you or not.

Profile Interface


BBWCupid has a perfect matching and communication system. The search tool also helps you get matches according to the preferences you set in the filters, and there is no limit to the matches you can be suggested at a time, as long as someone matches your preferences, they will be a potential match. When you find the person of your interest or match, you can see when they were online or if they were online. You have different ways to reach out to the member of interest. There is the traditional messaging in the chat room, or you can send an instant message, which is a message that will pop up on their screen, or you can send a like to show interest and hope they acknowledge it and start the conversation.

Members Structure and Activities

BBWCupid is a part of the famous cupid media network, which operates over 30 niche dating websites with a membership base in Canada, the UK, Australia, the USA, and many other countries. Members are usually from these countries, but websites such as BBWCupid or any other operate worldwide, no matter where a person signs up. Even though the website has well-established developers, BBWCupid itself has a membership base of at least 150,000, with most of them being from the USA. BBWCupid has 50,000 members actively weekly. BBWCupid is for big curvy women, but that does not mean that all women on BBWCupid are big and curvy, some lean-body women are looking for BHM or big, handsome, men with majority of the men having average bodies and being middle-aged. Females, on the other hand, are younger in the majority. Women comprise 65% of the total members, while men are only 34%. Out of 65%, most women are between the ages of 18-34, while most men are from 34-53 years of age.

Members Structure and Activities

Users Age

Users age does not have a restriction at BBWCupid except that the user has to be at least 18 or above because this is a serious dating website, and people do look for serious relationships.

Sexual Preference

The sexual preference of BBWCupid is straightforward, male, or female. The personality test, the detailed profile, they are all based around two genders only. You might come across different genders, but you would have to use the chat option to find out.

Race and Ethnicity

BBWCupid has options for you to mention race or ethnicity, and there are people from many different ones. Still, it’s not very specific, based only on the country or state of origin and partially in the description.

Religious Orientation

There is an option, personality test, and a part in the overview list where you mention your religion. Still, there is no specific preference or orientation to specific or to some specific religions on BBWCupid.

Religious Orientation

BBWCupid Website Features

BBWCupid is a very feature-rich website compared to its competitors and other dating websites in general. BBWCupid allows you to send and receive messages without any limit, upload and view photos without any limit; you can even upload albums (they take time to upload because they need to be approved). Browse through all the profiles even if you have a free account or not, you can still view all the profiles, like them or add them to your favorites. You can check who is interested in you and who is not, you can even check who is online, and when was someone online last. You can search profiles with exact preferences, use all the filters, and get the best matches right away after searching; you even get matches right away as soon as you sign up.

Safety and Security

In terms of safety, security, and privacy, BBWCupid has a very secure way of dealing with you and your dealings with other members. The privacy policy of BBWCupid clearly states that your personal information will be collected and used with your consent for statistical and segmentation uses. It will be used to be disclosed to companies that have items of your interest and to dipstick the market for demand and product hunting. BBWCupid clearly states that there will be no anonymity between you and BBWCupid, but it will be kept anonymous to an extent during your interaction with other members. Your data is collected on a very deep level as the company offers complete transparency with its users and demands the same. This personal data is used to optimize your experience at BBWCupid, such as finding your matches, showing your profile as matches to other members, and keeping your profile within search preferences of other people. Information such as:

  • your full name;
  • your email address;
  • your residential address;
  • your phone number;
  • a photograph of you;
  • your age;
  • your occupation;
  • a description of your appearance;
  • your credit card and billing information (if provided by you).

The following information is collected to ensure transparency for members of this site:

Safety and Security
  • your racial or ethnic origin;
  • your political opinions;
  • your religious beliefs or affiliations;
  • your philosophical beliefs or trade union membership;
  • your health;
  • your sexual preferences, practices or orientation; and
  • your criminal record (if you are a resident of the USA).

It is collected to optimize and improve your experience while using BBWCupid. You can even connect your social media account for this purpose, and it will all be collected with your consent. You can cease this whenever you please by stopping the use of BBWCupid and requesting your account’s deletion, resulting in the deletion of all your data with BBWCupid.

Safety and Security

Is BBWCupid legit or Scam?

BBWCupid is one of the most recommended dating websites for its purpose and niche and has many happy members, with many members finding their soulmate on BBWCupid. Even though it has its issues, but they are negligible compared to the overall performance and work of BBWCupid.

Subscription Types and Prices

There are two different types of memberships you can opt for at BBWCupid. The first one is the gold membership, which is $24.98 per month if you get the monthly subscription, $49.99 for the three-month subscription ($16.66 per month), and $99.98 for the 12 months’ subscription ($8.33 per month).

The second type of subscription is the Platinum Membership, which is $29.98 per month, $59.99 for the three-month subscription ($20.00 per month), and $119.98 for the 12 months’ subscription ($10.00 per month). All subscriptions will be renewed according to their period and canceled at any time before it expires.

Free Membership

At BBWCupid, free membership includes the following services:

  • Viewing the photos of other members
  • Searching people
  • Finding matches
  • See who is interested in you
  • Liking profiles
  • Adding interesting profiles to “favorites.”
  • Messaging premium members
  • Translating messages to your language
  • Instant popup messages
  • Profile highlighting as VIP
  • Messaging non-paying members
Paid Membership

Website Design and Usability

BBWCupid has an easy and understandable design that a beginner can use with information-rich profiles and easy navigation throughout BBWCupid. The design is old but is very fluid and comfortable to use.

Mobile Application

The mobile application of BBWCupid is available on both android and IOS platforms and has the same interface and navigation as the full view website. It is effortless to use and has all the website features except for one additional feature; pictures can be taken directly from within the app and uploaded instantly and offer in-app purchases powered by apple and google play.

Contact Information

Company: BBWCupid.com

Address: PO Box 9304, Gold Coast MC, QLD 9726, Australia

Email: [email protected]

Phone-Hotline: +61 7 5571 1181

Fax: +61 7 3103 4000


BBWCupid review is already self-explanatory. If you wish to date seriously without being body shamed, harassed, or made uncomfortably, you want to find partners with in-depth compatibility, BBWCupid is the website for you. Since the website is low-priced, paying a small amount can speed up the whole process for you.

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