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The best platform for matching catholic singles for serious dating and perspective of long-term relations.

CatholicMatch Overview

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  • Such a platform has been offering dating opportunities for more than 20 years; hence, members regard this service as entirely reliable.
  • Members worldwide are accessible to join the community, which is dynamically broadening.
  • The service is evenly useful and effective for representatives of all age ranges and genders.
  • The platform is useful for Catholics, as there are much information and filters related to faith.
  • Some unique features help members to know better their potential matches.
  • Standard members are not allowed to send messages.
  • The service is oriented to long-term relationships or marriages only.
  • Many profile options are required to be selected before getting access.
  • Newcomers are obliged to spend some 5-7 minutes to complete the registration. Such a process includes diverse questions.

How Does It Work?

It is rather hard to meet like-minded people from the viewpoint of religion. Catholics need to find persons who support their views; otherwise, there are a few chances to build up a firm family. The CatholicMatch service aims to solve the problem.

Generally, the website works the same way many other dating services do. A person signs up for a platform, completes a profile, and starts browsing the service. The principle difference lies in the fact that such a platform contains many profile fields and matching algorithms connected with the faith.

How Does It Work?

Sign-Up & Login Process

The registration process contains no pitfalls. The following steps are mandatory:

  1. Visit the official website (both PCs and mobile devices are accessible).
  2. Enter a valid email address and create a password.
  3. Inscribe your first and last name.
  4. Specify your location.
  5. Choose gender.
  6. Agree to the ‘Terms of Use’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ (just tick the appropriate box).

Those steps are enough to get a CatholicMatch account; meanwhile, the system requires some profile information to specify. Furthermore, members are available to complete the registration via Facebook account – the system automatically will import all basic info.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Profile Interface

The system requests the following profile fields within the registration process:

  • Select your marital status.
  • Specify your date of birth.
  • Inscribe the diocese you belong to.
  • Upload your profile photo (add a picture from your device or use a Facebook profile). Users may skip this step, but the team informs profiles with photos to catch 10 times more attention.
  • Choose your height.
  • Select your eyes and hair color.
  • Specify your body type.
  • Tell other users what your race is.
  • Do you have body art?
  • What is your life schedule (early bird or night owl)?
  • Specify your attitude to exercises.
  • Say something about your diet.
  • What are your drinking and smoking habits?
  • Are you keen on TV watching?
  • What is your attitude to remote relationships and possible relocation?
  • Do you have children?

Profile Interface

These questions are mandatory to answer. The system wishes a user to tell as much as possible about themselves. Furthermore, there are optional questions on CatholicMatch:

  • Who was responsible for your growing up?
  • Are your relations with family close?
  • Do you have any brothers and sisters?
  • Which lifestyle is better for you: urban or rural?
  • How many kids are perfect?
  • What are your political views?
  • Tell the members about your education?
  • Select the sphere you are involved in.
  • Specify your employment status.
  • Can you marry in the Catholic Church?
  • Do you attend masses?
  • Have you some vocation to religion?
  • Do you belong to the group of converts?
  • What is your preferred liturgical style?
  • How often do you practice your faith?

That is not enough to start browsing the service. Answer a range of yes/no questions:

  • Do you accept Church’s teaching on the Eucharist?
  • Do you support the Church’s position on contraceptives?
  • Do you agree with the postulate life is sanctified?
  • Do you accept the Church’s position that the Papa is infallible?
  • Do you agree that premarital sex is against the Church’s position?
  • Do you believe in the Immaculate Conception?
  • Do you support the teaching on Holy Orders?

Finally, a person needs to create a brief description of at least 150 characters. Be precise and highlight your strong points. Members may select their hobbies, favorite music genres, movies, and other information to let other subscribers understand them better. Profiles are detailed enough.


There are diverse filters available on the CatholicMatch platform. Matching algorithms are necessary to make your choice specific. The team wishes every user can find a perfect match to start long-term relationships.

Click on a person’s profile photo to get more information and view full-size photos. Standard members are accessible to send a ‘like’. The only option to initiate a contact implies sending a message. Users may attach emoji. Meanwhile, the messaging feature is unblocked for premium subscribers only.


Members Structure and Activities

The CatholicMatch community audience contains more than 2 million people all over the world. Approximately 1.2 million visits per month indicate users’ activity. An average subscriber spends 15 minutes per session. The platform has already reached the top-200 most visited dating platforms globally.

Users Age

Persons under 18 have no right to join the community. There is no evident difference between the age distribution of male and female accounts. Registered members represent the following age ranges mostly: 14.6% of users are from 18 to 25 years. 22.1% of members represent the age range from 25 to 35 years. 19.7% of subscribers are aged from 35 to 45 years. The age group of 45 – 55 years is represented by 17.3% of users. The remaining 26.3% of the CatholicMatch community are persons over 55.

Sexual Preferences

The Catholic faith contradicts homosexual relations, understanding them as a kind of sin; hence, straight persons only are available to join the service. Persons having other sexual preferences should better select other dating platforms.

Sexual Preferences

Race and Ethnicity

There are no restrictions or limitations on races and ethnicities. People from all over the world are welcome to join the service. While speaking about geographical distribution, 91.52% of the whole community represents the USA. The top-5 countries also include Canada (2.68%), Australia (1.20%), the United Kingdom (1.02%), and France (0.99%). Such statistics shows 2.59% of all members represent countries outside the ranking. Some reviews consider the service useful for the English-spoken countries only.

Religious Orientation

The CatholicMatch website unites single people who support the Catholic faith; meanwhile, representatives of other religions are not forbidden to join the community. The number of Catholics registered accounts varies from 91 to 93%.

Religious Orientation

CatholicMatch Dating Website Features

Apart from traditional dating features that help single users find their perfect matches and start long-term relationships, there are many unique options to make the CatholicMatch exciting website:

Temperament test:

Let the platform define your temperament by taking a test. The system offers a scope of questions, and a user needs to select among the four available options: definitely true, somewhat true, somewhat false, and definitely false. In the end, the system finds out your temperament.


That’s rather hard to find the necessary words for the first contact, and a person gets nervous. The service offers to send virtual gifts or flowers instead of textual messages.

Catholic Trivia:

Wish to have fun? Partake in a special quiz that contains 40 questions per week. A user has 10 seconds per answer. Each week the system defines a winner. The quicker you answer, the more points you get. Those questions are connected with the Catholic faith.

CatholicMatch Dating Website Features

Safety & Security

The CatholicMatch team takes care of every registered user. There are different privacy settings available for the members. As for account validation, there are no mandatory verifications; meanwhile, moderators check all accounts thoroughly. When you upload a photo, it should be approved by the team first.

Registered members are accessible to hide their birthdays, online status, etc. Furthermore, you may switch on the two-factor authentication to make access to the website entirely secure.

Is CatholicMatch Legit or Scam Service?

Such a dating platform is definitely legit. The cofounders of this website launched the service in 1999 to unite Catholic singles globally. At present, the website dynamically develops and contains both dating options and informational support. Scammers join the community as well, but their number is not significant. Furthermore, fake profile owners get no access to the most useful features.

Subscription Types and Price

The CatholicMatch offers the premium membership plan to make the functionality full and remove any barriers. Users are suggested to get the premium subscription for 1, 6, or 12 months. The more extended your subscription is, the more money you save. For instance, the 1-month premium costs $29.99. The 6-months premium subscription costs $14.99 per month ($89.94 totally). A user is available to save $89.94 (50% discount). The 12-months premium subscription costs just $9.99 per one month ($119.88).

The platform is compatible with all banking cards; hence, a user just needs to inscribe the payment information and complete the purchase. Furthermore, there are accessible discount coupons and gift cards.

Subscription Types and Price

Free Membership

When a CatholicMatch subscriber has completed the registration and got a standard account, the following features are available:

  • complete all offered profile fields;
  • upload up to 50 photos to describe a user from different sides;
  • activate search filters and make your search profile more precise;
  • send ‘likes’;
  • access blogs where interesting articles are published;
  • play the Catholic Trivia game;
  • view full profile information of other subscribers;
  • get access to persons’ full-size photos.

The premium account unlocks access to the following features:

  • face no limits while viewing other members’ information;
  • send messages without any extensions;
  • attach emotions within your messages;
  • discuss topic forums;
  • obtain a VIP customer support service.

Owners of the 6-months or 12-months premium subscriptions access the option of a message indicator read. Thus, premium features make the website genuinely effective.

Paid Membership

Website Design and Usability

The CatholicMatch website is designed in a combination of white and blue tones. Such a design solution relaxes a person and creates a romantic mood. Furthermore, there is an evident correlation with sky colors. Persons are available to customize the design. Settings help a user to specify a theme, grayscale, text size, and fonts to enjoy the service as much as possible.

The service interface is divided into several parts to provide a person with the highest comfort. The upper menu contains five main sections:

  1. Messages;
  2. Matches;
  3. Search;
  4. Forums;
  5. More (the section contains personal and account settings).

The website footer contains all useful information and links. Such diversification of options keeps necessary features always at users’ fingertips.

Mobile Application

The CatholicMatch service has no mobile applications, but on-the-go users are accessible to browse the mobile web version conveying the fullest functionality. Furthermore, the platform has pages in social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Members are free to follow recent news and useful information.

Contact Information

Company: CatholicMatch, LLC

When some problems or questions arise, members are accessible to contact the CatholicMatch customer support with the help of the following ways:

  • Open the frequently asked questions to find out the necessary solutions.
  • Ask your questions to other members (within a forum).
  • Fill in the contact form and describe your issue in detail.
  • Send email to [email protected].


The platform is understood as the #1 dating service for Catholics. On the other hand, the service is useful for US, Canadian, Australian, and British subscribers only (more than 97% of the whole community), while in other countries it is hard to meet like-minded persons.

The registration process is a bit boring, as the platform requires many profile fields to be filled in. Profiles are detailed enough and allow people to highlight their strong points. Galleries contain up to 50 photos. The interface is convenient, while subscribers are free to make it customized.

Meanwhile, a person is obliged to purchase the premium subscription; otherwise, the messaging option is not available. Prices for premium subscriptions are medium. CatholicMatch is a well-designed, reliable, and worth joining service.

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