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FDating is straightforward to use and has basic features. First, you create your profile with some necessary information. Then the FDating will show you people that are in your interest.

FDating Overview

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  • The pros of FDating would include that the website does not charge you anything, not at the signup, not while viewing profiles, or anywhere else.
  • Secondly, FDating offers its users a wide variety of languages, ensuring people from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds.
  • Another good thing about FDating is that it is easy to use as the navigation and interface are simple, something a person can easily understand and get familiar with.
  • FDating also has its fair share of cons just like any other website has, and since it is a free website, there are a few extra things to consider. For example, the website has many ads, and navigating through the site can get quite bugging.
  • Another problem with dating is that they do not have a mobile app, so you cannot search for your partner while being comfortable.
  • FDating is a site not having many features for communication. There is a limit to how many message notifications you can receive, limited to online users.
  • The design FDating uses very old and does not attract much attention or stand out.
  • Since the website is free, there are no credentials to be used for insurance when scammers appear or check and ensure that a profile is fake.

How does FDating Work?

Since the website is for worldwide users, there is a variety of people you will come across. It is a community of single people from around the world who can date, meet up or talk with people they are interested in, with FDating coming into existence in 2009.

How does FDating Work?

Sign-Up and Login Process

When you click on the signup option on FDating, you redirect to the three-part question series. The first one is about your info on an elementary level, like your country of origin, gender, valid email address, and custom username. It should have conditions that should be longer than two letters and not contain digits. After that, you will come across a checkbox asking you to agree to the terms and conditions and the privacy policy and a warning about not sending money to the people you interact with online. The second section will have questions regarding facts about yourself, such as what you prefer to do in your free relaxing time, plans, intentions, appearance, and interests. The user viewing your profile will have a blurred image of your personality and you as a person. You also add some features and characteristics you seek in your future partner and how you want them to be. Still, you will not provide a means of contact. Uploading of email or phone number is strictly prohibited. The third part of signup on FDating comes into play when you upload your information. FDating sends you an email containing your login details and to complete your login, a link. The email is received within 30 minutes of uploading your info if it doesn’t, try using another email. Email providers may block it as some providers do not accept emails from sites like these, such as FDating. There will be a link you click on in the confirmation email after you have received it, and you will redirect to the dating website. Enter your login info and start looking. But save the confirmation email and not get rid of it just if you forget the details or use FDating after a long time.

Profile Interface

The profile interface is straightforward. You get a grid display of various profiles with name, country of origin, and age below the primary picture. After clicking on the desired user ID, you see an enlarged main image with a list containing many other photos in the grid form below it. Along with the information submitted by the user on the left side of it, including details like “last logged in,” “registered,” “uploaded,” “profile ID,” and the information you provide at the signup, in a list form.

Profile Interface


FDating does not have a matchmaking feature, in which all your specifications and your requirements in a potential partner as used to find the best possible match. On FDating, members are free to contact other or exclusive people, meaning anyone can message anyone and everyone. Still, the only way to get another user is using the FDating chat option. You cannot send another user an email or a direct message, or video call, etc. You can only send them a text using the chat option of the FDating website, and that would be enough. Still, the users are not frequently active. You will be waiting for some time or a reasonable amount of time and will not even know if the other person is not interested in you or is busy or just an idle account. But there is a feature of filtering messages by physical traits, age, gender, country, and religion to only get the messages of your interest.

Members Structure and Activity On FDating

The Member Structure of FDating is unknown as nobody knows how many total members there are or the male to female ratio. All that is known is how many men and women are online at the time of your login, with the average of women being 350, and the average number of men being online is 750. The most female activity on FDating seems to come from Russia, Ukraine, and Morocco, while the male activity varies but is mostly from the western part of the world. While this being in play, there are many idle profiles on FDating as well. The age varies between 20 and 80, so there are men and women of all ages.

Members Structure and Activity On FDating

Users Age

The users’ age faces no restriction while they sign up on FDating. In all the FDating reviews, no user has ever complained about having age restrictions except for the fact that they have to be 18 years of age or above, but since FDating has no authentication or security check, people of any age can signup and use FDating.

Sexual Preferences

Sexual preferences on FDating are very narrow because they only recognize two genders, male and female. Sexual preferences can be judged or assumed through profile check out and chatting, but only two options are available in the search filter and signup.

Race and Ethnicity

There is no preference for race or ethnicity on FDating, only country origin, and that’s it. The signup and the search engine don’t filter through race or ethnicity, for that you can use the chat option to find out.

Religious Orientation

FDating gives you the option of having religious preference considering your partner and asking you for it when you sign up for it. The search option even gives you a filter of religion when you are searching for profiles.

Religious Orientation

FDating Dating Website Features

There are a few features to FDating that make it unique and stand out from other websites. First of all, FDating is entirely free of cost, having no hidden charges or any paid content. You can upload as many pictures as you want (and they have to be approved by the moderator), you can view any profile you desire, no user ID is hidden or locked away or exclusive. The search system of FDating is very flexible, but to an extent, having filters like physical features, religion, country, age, and gender. You can have your preferred profiles put away in your favorites at FDating so that you can access them easily in the future. You have pictures or icons of some flags being displayed on the right corner of the homepage, showing the different languages the website is available and can function in, inviting more people. Few better things about FDating are that the site informs you of the number of men and women online, people who have their birthdays on a specific day, and those who have recently registered on the website.

Safety and Security

There aren’t many safety features in FDating since you can leave out most of your information questions and still register. Your email address is also hidden and not disclosed. No insurance or security, that even the website has posted up warnings on many places never to transfer money or send money to anyone, or share very personal information, and report them directly if anyone does ask for all that. The website’s privacy policy will keep all your data, such as email private. Even if you try to upload email or contact number or brand or pictures without face in your profile uploads, a moderator will deny that and prevent that from happening as part of the safety and privacy policy and warns the scammers’ users.

Safety and Security

Is FDating a Scam or a Legit Service?

FDating is a legit website, but it is filled with many scammers and idle profiles throughout its users’ whole community. What’s concerning is that most females are from a particular region while the males are worldwide.

Subscription Types and Price

Free Membership

Everything is free on FDating, the signup, the login, down to the last option is all free, so all users are equal when it comes to membership.

There are no paid memberships, profiles, features, and options on FDating. Customization of the profile, variety, and adjustments and messages, no matter how many you upload or send, are free.

Website Design and Usability

The website design for FDating is a little outdated but very easy to use, considering how people need ease in surfing the web and navigating the website. You have a quick search option in the left where you can select age, gender, and country of origin, and then having the number of men and women online at the time of your login. Some quick links to women of your desired origin, such as “Chinese women,” etc. Then three tabs at the middle top showing home, gallery, sign up and search, which are very easy to understand and navigate. You have profiles in the middle in the grid sequence showing name, age, and country below the profile picture, which you click on to see the main picture enlarged and more photos to enlarge and view the details of the user besides the enlarged picture. The overall usability of FDating, navigation, and understanding is fundamental, enabling more people to use it with ease.

Website Design and Usability

Mobile Application

One disadvantage of FDating is that it does not have a mobile app, hence your notifications and messages are limited to your login period, and there are no background alerts. Only a computer or laptop can be used and not the comfort of your phone.

Contact Information

FDating has given no means of contacting the developers or the moderators except for the FAQ section and the complaint form through which you file reports against the scammers or abusers. Still, they take very long to reply or take action. There is also no email address or the headquarters address for FDating available anywhere.


FDating is an excellent website because you don’t need to pay here. It is straightforward and friendly to adult users and people of the new generation. Overall, we can say that even if you think that you will not find a soulmate here, any way you should register on this site and your mind will change. We highly recommend this site and hope that our review will help you to make the right decision.

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