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  • After the signup, you can subscribe to a 7-day trial to see if you like the majestic membership offered by Feeld or not. The subscription can be canceled 24 hours before the last day of trial.
  • The variety of gender options offer by Feeld is very diverse. The field app allows you to go through the terms and conditions before you can sign up.
  • Almost 80% of the profiles use real photos. Feeld allows people to sign up as a couple or as a single person.
  • The Feeld site and its interface glitches sometimes due to technical problems. Feeld does not update its app system, frequently depriving many users of an excellent online experience. Almost 20% of the profiles don't have real photos on them, and there aren't many free functions except liking profiles and messaging. Picture sharing has a lot of restrictions, which affects online dating.


Feeld was inspired when a girl confessed to her boyfriend about having feelings for a woman too. She told this to her boyfriend after being in a relationship with him for two years. Dimo and Ana. It triggered Dimo that something so human was scaring Ana so much to say out loud and admit while torturing someone with confusion. So, he created Feeld to connect people and couples sharing the same thinking as them. Feeld provides a platform that shows sex under a positive light, whether it is kink or gender curiosity. Feeld lets you list your desires, pair profiles with a partner, and even make group chats. It was founded in 2014 in London, has over 20 gender identities and sexual orientation. With almost 10 million messages exchanged between users and 700k connections made between people and couples every month.

Feeld How Does Feeld Work


The registration process of Feeld is very easy, simple, and does not take that much time, yet it will have a lot of information for your profile and keep you safe. While signing up for Feeld, not much information is asked except for phone number, age, gender, and a nickname. It is also requested to connect a Facebook account while registering, which fills out age and gender. You are allowed to hide your real name and provide a nickname of your liking, which can be anything from your favorite food or anything else. The whole signup process takes a few seconds or 1 min max, and reading the terms and conditions will take 3 minutes at most. At the time of login, you can click on the “Login with Facebook” option and get directly logged in or fill in your email and password associated with Facebook.


The profile interface is simple and easy to understand as you only enter your age, gender, and sexual preference while signing up. The most details your profile has is from the “desire box,” which you fill out at the registration too, but most people leave that out. When you scroll through profiles, you see a display picture, with the name written above it, and age and gender written below. After clicking upon the profile, you can view the “desire” box and sexual preference, and a small message sending icon on the lower side of the profile.

Feeld Sign-Up And Login Process


After you sign up at Feeld, you start getting potential matches right away because of your gender and sexual preferences. You can see the profiles of likeminded people and have them on your radar, and at the same time, those people can see your profile and or have you on their radar. You can change the search or match preferences from the search tab to whatever you like. Before you can chat with anyone, you have to like their profile, and after they have liked your profile back, only then you can start chatting. You can chat with individuals or have group chats with up to 2 people, and it’s all for free. But again, you need to wait for the other person to like you back.

Feeld Matches/Communication


Feeld is a worldwide platform, but 45% of members are from the USA. Even though Feeld recognizes and gives a platform to more than 20 genders, 74% of the members are straight people, but they are also open to new things and are bi-curious. On Feeld, 60% of the total members are the couples exploring themselves and other people. Feeld has 500,000 active users per week, which are browsing, chatting, liking, and whatnot. But the group Feeld targets are the couples and singles who are confused about their sexuality and want to find out. New members come in slow on Feeld, but the activity is very constant of already present members.


Feeld has members ranging from the age of 18 till the age of 55 and beyond. Most male members on Feeld are from the age group 25-34 years, whereas most female members are from the age group 18-24 years of age.


Feeld offers a wide range of sexual preferences, and you can find them all in the search tab filter. Feeld recognizes and hosts more than 20 sexual identities, orientations, and genders, which allows users to be flexible. The target audience is singles and couples who are confused about themselves and their sexuality and want to satisfy their curiosity. Threesomes are encouraged on the app, offering people to register themselves as individuals and as a couple, and allows them to have up to 2 people in the chatroom.


Race and ethnicity have no preference on Feeld. You are not asked for this in the signup or login. The only place where you can mention this is in the “desire” box, and if someone is into that kink, it will reach out to you, but it is not a preference or requirement on Feeld.


According to most religions, customs, and traditions, there are only two genders, so considering the fact that Feeld recognizes and host 20+ sexual identities means that most people here have different opinions about religious orientation, and most might not even have one.

Feeld Members Structure And Activity On Feeld


The Feeld website is to tell the visitors about their activities and updates and mostly about themselves. It just attracts visitors by telling them about Feeld, share contact info, latest events, updates, etc. The main show happens on the Feeld mobile app.

Feeld Dating Website Features


The privacy policy of Feeld is fundamental as they will ask you to sync your Facebook to the app and associate a phone number with the account. Meaning that they will have information as insurance for the people you come in contact with, and they turn out to be scammers or fake profiles. The privacy policy informs that they will only be using the information you provide for your ease. You can hide information that you don’t want to be displayed, such as your real name, or upload pictures of your choice and hideaway email or contact number. Data collected through cookies and searches will help you navigate and bring some services to you.


Feeld ranks in the top 5 online dating platforms as it gets the job with very good consistency. With over 700k connections between users and 10 million messages exchanged between users every month.

Is Feeld A Scam Or A Legit Service


There is only one kind of membership at Feeld with a price varying with the duration you wish to choose. If you wish to get the majestic membership for one month, then it would cost $15.99, which will renew every month, which you can cancel at any time. If you get the three-month package, that would be $31.99, which is $10.66 a month, which will renew every month and cancel that at any given moment. All transactions can be done through Visa, PayPal, or mobile phone, making a secure transaction.


The free member offered by Feeld has many good features that help the user connect with people with a lot of ease. You can message anyone as many times as you want, you can like and view as many websites you come across, and no profiles will be hidden from you, the signup will not cost you anything, and all the search filters are available for free well.

The Majestic Membership offered by Feeld has some great features and does make you feel a sense of premium service being provided to you. The features offered by Feeld are great for people trying to connect as quickly as possible with privacy, with features like seeing if someone wants to connect with you or know when someone you were talking to or the profile you come across was last online. It also allows you to hide your Facebook profile if you’re trying to avoid being discovered by family members and friends for just $15.99 for a month and $31.99 for three months.

Feeld Paid Membership


Feeld does not offer the dating services on the website; they direct you towards the mobile app, with descriptions about their services, etc. They tell the visitor what Feeld is about and the dating scene of the whole platform. They provide a FAQ section there, different ways to contact them, their latest updates and events, and the creators and their purpose.

Feeld Website Design And Usability


The Feeld app’s design is very straightforward and easy to navigate, and with basic functioning, even a beginner can understand it. The app is available on both android and apple app stores for free, and since Feeld does not have a website, the paying for the membership is done within the app. The messaging feature is different from other dating sites as Feeld allows you to create group chats with up to 2 people. When you get a message or when someone likes your profile, you get a notification. The app has a sound notification feature, a good design, and simple icons, including some more plus points. The overall view has everything dark-colored with the profile popping out.

Feeld Mobile Application


Feeld offers its support services to all members through an FAQ section in which you can search for articles related to your query written by the developers and the team at Feeld. They also have a chat service you can access through your email, a live chat in specific operating hours. The company address is also available, and the company is situated in London.

Feeld Contact Information


The Feeld review has a lot of positive points to it as for the services it offers and the aspects the website it covers, as well as the target audience with the consumers opting for it. The free services are more than enough for someone to connect with like-minded people, people of your sexual preference, and people of interest. The paid features of Feeld have some very premium features that allow you to have favorable privacy and connections with other users. Feeld is available in all countries, wherever there are active users and new members, and is limited to no one having more than 20 gender identities, open for singles and couples. Most websites only have a straight or gay choice, but at Feeld, you get the whole rainbow from which you can choose. Feeld encourages people to get out of the traditional dating scenarios where you try as much as you can with the one on one flirting. And then see if you’re compatible with someone or not, and instead try new things like group chats, threesome, or other things that get offered or interest you. Feeld does have a significant amount of fake profiles, with almost 20% fake profiles. Still, there is a sense of security as all profiles are synced and connected through a Facebook account and a phone number, and you cannot register if you do not have either of them. Feeld has room for improvement in its such as when you refresh the messages tab; it takes a little longer for it to refresh than other apps, which can be annoying. Feeld has a restriction on the number of pictures you can upload but has a strict “no nude pictures or explicit content” policy that civilizes the chat, and people are not rude in private chats or group chats. The profile information displayed to users is not very descriptive, and people have to like the profile. They need to be liked back to message the user and find out more about them, and new messages take a lot of time to load, so people do get agitated. The chat option only has simple messaging, no calling or video calling, no activities or games. But another good thing about Feeld is that Facebook and phone number verification does not allow bots in the app. If the app is updated with better functionality, better chatting options, better profile view, and a way to deal with fake profiles, Feeld is a good online dating option in the modern world.

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