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Are you looking for contacts or true love? Well, it doesn’t matter what your intention is, because what everyone wants is to spend Valentine’s Day with someone, be it a special person or to get rid of loneliness. So, if you are looking for the perfect crush, some sites are there which can help you find someone to build a relationship.

The FirstMet is an online dating network that lets you find people close to starting a friendship or dating. The format is very similar to Tinder; in which it is possible to choose people anonymously from a virtual catalog. Besides, it is also possible to discover new contacts in non-anonymous ways, such as inviting to private chats or enjoying profiles.

This dating site is free and available on the computer, through the browser, and has an application to download on Android phones and iPhone (iOS). Registration is done quickly, and you can log in via Facebook or using an e-mail address.

Like any dating site, FirstMet has its pros and cons. Let’s check out the FirstMet review to know the advantages of this dating app and what is not so good.

What’s good about FirstMet? It is easy to use, free, and available on multiple platforms. You can use it to make new friends, date, or chat with other users. Another great advantage is that it offers users a variety of options to check the profile, which helps prevent those who wish to create fake accounts.

On the other hand, FirstMet also has some negative aspects. One is that you cannot use all its functions for free. Some features require a paid subscription or the purchase of “credits” to access them. Another disadvantage is that unless you change your privacy settings, you may be overwhelmed with unwanted messages.

How Does This Site Work?

There are a few easy steps to finding love with FirstMet. We’ll help you get started by guiding you through the steps and explaining how it works.

The first time you visit the FirstMet Website, you must register for an account. Start by selecting your gender and then indicate why you want to use FirstMet Login. You can use it for Casual chat, Make new friends or Appointments. Then you will be asked for personal information such as your name, date of birth, location, and e-mail address. Finally, click on “Create an account.”

To increase your chances of getting more matches, you should add some pictures and more information to your profile. You can import photos from your social media accounts or upload them from your image gallery. Finally, add some details about yourself and your interests. Now you’re ready to start getting correspondence and chatting with the people you care about.

Besides, you can use FirstMet’s “Meetings” feature to browse other people’s profiles and decide whether they are of interest to you or not. If you are interested, you can click on the heart icon in their photo. Otherwise, click on the “X” button. If you and another user like each other’s profiles, you will be paired and sent to each other.

If you want to consult users in your area, use the function “People near you” to consult users’ profiles in your city.

And to see who liked your profile, click on “Like” in the menu on the left. Here you can see the profiles of all the people you liked.

Finally, check out the premium payment features that FirstMet has to offer. For a fee, you can show your profile to more users for a while. You can also purchase superpowers for additional features, such as seeing who has read your messages and getting more search results.

FirstMet Review

Steps To Sign-Up & Login Process For FirstMet

FirstMet is a service that requires being connected to the internet for its operation, so you will need an internet connection whenever you want to use it. You will access it through your smartphone from the official and free app available on Android and IOS. Besides, its web version is also available to access from the computer (www.firstmet.com). Now let’s continue with the process of how to register your account on this dating site easily and quickly.

Whether you want to belong to this social network via computer or using your cell phone, you should know that it is a free process. Therefore, if you are asked to make a payment, you should know that you are being deceived, since the account creation process on FirstMet is 100% free. Now see the steps to follow according to the access platform.

Register account from the web

1) Access the web: To register your account at firstmet.com from your web browser, you have to access the following URL: https://www.firstmet.com/. Start the registration process by filling in all the form fields.

2) Fill in the form: To open an account in this social network, before you must complete the form with your data presented below:

  • Name and surname
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • E-mail or mobile number
  • City of residence
  • Password for accessing the app

Finally, by clicking the “Join Now” button, you will agree to all FirstMet privacy policies.

Steps To Sign-Up & Login Process For FirstMet

Profile Interface

The interface of the web version of FirstMet is extremely simple, almost amateurish. In the beginning, it gave you the idea of a site built by a couple of geeks rather than by a large structured company (and this is not too good a thing). However, you need to appreciate its immediacy.

Few functions, few sections, it goes straight to the point. You can search for profiles with basic filters, messages, and personal profiles – nothing more, nothing less.

Everything is colorful but not too sober. The atmosphere is tranquility, friendly, and very easy, reflecting the typical Firstmet dynamics that the users will now analyze.

FirstMet Matches / Communication

When you’re ready to start looking for potential matches on the online FirstMet platform, you’ll be asked to select three interests that you have that you wish a potential romantic partner would also enjoy.

FirstMet’s matching algorithm is based on mutual interests. If both the users find that their recipient has all the desired criteria, they accept their invitation and eventually start a conversation.

When members complete the registration process and finish setting up their profile, each user is presented with a series of profile images from different users. So the user can respond with their interest by clicking ‘yes’ below the photo or showing that they would like to move to a different person by pressing ‘x’ instead.

It is a simple matching algorithm, but it effectively attracts the members’ visual preferences by displaying only images of a particular user. The members find different images and users every day with the help of the website’s matching algorithm feature.

Profile Interface

Members Structure And Activities

FirstMet caters to the younger generation and complements its new and current setup by targeting mobile dating. Thus, the page is similar to Tinder, with most users focused on looking for casual dates, flirts, and adventures. However, the web also has a percentage of over 35 who focus on more serious relationships. Our average grade for this section of FirstMet is 3 out of 5, as older users looking for a serious relationship may feel out of place and have less chance of finding a partner. The Structural data of how many members are active on this platform are described below:

  • Active users: +10,000,000,000
  • Member activity: 10,000 weekly active
  • Gender ratio: 50% women and 50% men

About The Users’ Age

On this dating site, 65% adult members are available. Rest 35% belong to the age group of people who came under 35 to 60 years.

About Sexual Preferences

FirstMet is the most popular dating platform, but at the moment, it is not very LGBT friendly. Although the application allows users to filter with whom they want to have a match, the filters do not usually work very well. For example, lesbians continue with the same difficult problem that they cannot block completely to male candidates when giving and receiving a match. Something that only generates frustration and causes them to look for another app for it. And the site is losing users, something that does not suit the app. Therefore the site has decided to partner with GLAAD to update itself. It also allows users to list their sexual orientation in the same profile, making it clear what type of orientation they are looking for in a partner.

About Sexual Preferences

Race and Ethnicity

The most important feature of this site is that it supports interracial relationships. Almost 75% of FirstMet website users like to date people of another ethnicity. The site brings together people from various backgrounds in a way that is not possible online. Besides, the site is linked to strong marital ties, increasing racial partnerships, and breaking down social barriers.

About Religious Orientation

FirstMet site allows the users to fill out their religious orientation so that their corresponding partner will connect according to your desire. And the site is not only limited for only Christians but also helps people from other religions.

FirstMet Dating Website Features

FirstMeet website offers a selective “Swipe Right” feature for liking and “Swipe Left” if you don’t like it, which can be used to make your selection of suitable pairs. If your match also likes your profile, it can automatically use the chat or conversation feature to start getting acquainted. Apart from swipe, users can also rely on the Super Like feature, which allows the recipient to receive special notifications regarding their account. So with this feature, the user’s profile will usually appear in the recipient’s account display with a “Super Like” notification, which can be responded to immediately.

Safety And Security Of FirstMet Website

FirstMet is safe to use and offers several ways for users to check their profiles. When you view someone’s profile, you can see if it is verified or not and how they decided to verify it. You can change your settings for added security so that only people with verified profiles can send messages to you.

However, by default, anyone who sees your profile can send you a message. Be careful when talking to people you know online. Never give your personal or financial information to someone you don’t know. Don’t accept to meet someone you know on FirstMet unless you’re sure you can trust them.

Safety And Security Of FirstMet Website

Is FirstMet Legit Or Scam Service?

Calling FirstMet a scam is the only “clickbait” part of this article, as the users must say that among the various dating sites and apps, it is one of the most honest. Especially in the past, when it came to dating sites, some users legitimately complained of scams. In fact, on this site, it was easy to come across fake profiles trying to extort money from you in every way.

If any Fake profiles, statistically irrelevant, this app does NOT use any scam or a morally incorrect tactic to get you to sign up for a fee. Indeed, this application is in effect one of the most honest from this point of view as:

  • It offers you a platform on which you can get results even without paying a subscription.
  • It does not push in particular ways to get you to subscribe for a fee. For example, some apps severely limit your number of likes, the ability to write to the girls you like, or make the like last only for 24 hours if you are not a premium subscriber.

Subscription Types And Prices

FirstMet has different types of subscriptions at different prices. Firstmet Gold and FirstMet Plus. FirstMet Gold costs 74.97 per month, $12.50/month for six months. FirstMet Plus costs $49.99 per month, $16.66 for 6 months and $24.99/month for 1 month.

Free Membership Service

If you don’t wish to spend money on the FirstMet website, it does not mean it is useless. You can still use it without taking a subscription. Because even with the free version, you can safely use the basic features of Firstmet, even if the likes are limited every day. However, you cannot take advantage of the other advanced features. You can still chat as much as you like with as many people.

Paid members will be able to enjoy many more features than free members. Its updated price list of the different subscriptions is also quite attractive, as the options of prices for this dating app are the cheapest among all the similar apps. Let’s check the latest updates on its price tags:

There are three different options when it comes to a basic paid subscription:

  • For one month, the subscription is listed at $25.
  • For three months, it listed cost $50.
  • For six months, it charges $75.

Paid Membership Service

Website Design And Usability

The FirstMet website is designed with extraordinary features that will facilitate the users with an enjoyable experience. Currently, this dating site gains popularity around the world due to its nondiscriminatory features.

On the website, users will get the menu, where they will be able to set everything as per their wish and make changes in the information they provided when registering it.

Mobile Application Feature

The FirstMet mobile app will give you an immense platform with advanced features. Some of them are described below:

  • The site is designed with a swipe feature. It means users are able to get partner preferences by swiping. If they like anyone, they should swipe right to send the request and swipe left to continue their search.
  • Users can access Instagram profiles.
  • The site allows common connections to the users. Users are able to see their mutual friend on Facebook with a match.
  • The site has a premium subscription feature that allows the users to see others’ profiles before sending them requests.

Contact Information

To know more about this dating app and its subscription latest packages, you can reach out to the company’s official contact platform. Below is the site’s contact information.

  • Company’s address: 334 Cornelia St, 104, Plattsburgh, NY 12901
  • Phone number:
  • Website: www.firstmet.com
  • E-mail address: [email protected]


Is it worth registering on FirstMet? Yes, you can give it a try. It is a friendly site, with an easy atmosphere and where you are not bombarded with stimuli of any kind. A site where the percentage of real profiles is very high, and in most cases, they are pretty girls or at least normal. Both aesthetically and from personality.

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