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Fitness Singles is a #1 platform for active lifestyle lovers.
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Fitness Singles Overview

Fitness Singles
Fitness Singles
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Fitness Singles
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  • There are millions of registered members globally, which means service is effective throughout the world.
  • Some features are unique and help members to make their search more precise.
  • Profiles are quite detailed. Users are able to understand whether interests are mutual.
  • Many options are available for default accounts.
  • Subscribers enjoy the platform without any advertisements.
  • Developers have launched no mobile apps yet.
  • Chatrooms are available for premium subscribers.
  • The registration process takes much time, as many profile fields are mandatory.

The active lifestyle lovers mention that the Fitness Singles platform is the best way to find like-minded people.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Such a website operates the same way as other dating platforms do. The only difference concerns its specification. The platform welcomes people who cannot imagine their lives without sport and an active lifestyle. That is sometimes hard to find soulmates having mutual interests in cycling or swimming, for instance. Fitness Singles make those dreams come true.

The working algorithm is entirely straightforward. A user opens an account, activates necessary filters, and then commences to search for the right person. Although the platform aims to unite active and sporty people together, anyone can join the community.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Members don’t face many obstacles while opening a Fitness Singles account. Newcomers are supposed to complete the next stages:

  1. Get on the official website from your PC or mobile device.
  2. Select your gender and searching preferences (men or women).
  3. Specify your age preferences.
  4. Choose your date of birth.

On the one hand, such information is enough for the registration, but the system defines many profile fields as mandatory; hence, new entries are obliged to fill those fields in:

Sign-Up and Login Process
  • Select your location: country, state, and zip code.
  • Create your username (4 characters or more).
  • Create your password to log in to the service.
  • Inscribe your email address.
  • Pick up the fitness activities you enjoy. The list comprises more than 100 options.
  • Among the chosen fitness activities, point out the three ones you are keen on.
  • Describe your body type.
  • Describe your look as you think it is.
  • Specify your best feature (feet, legs, smile, and so on).
  • Select your height.
  • Select your weight.
  • Choose your ethnicity.
  • Specify your hair color.
  • What is your eye color?
  • Tell others about your marital status.
  • Do you have and (or) want kids?
  • Select your religion.
  • Choose how much time you devote to fitness activities?
  • Specify your education level.
  • Inscribe your occupation.
  • Choose employment status.
  • Tell others your income range.
  • Do you follow some specific kind of diet?
  • Specify your smoking and drinking habits.
  • Pick up the spoken languages.

Note that a user is available to choose ‘Rather Not To Say’ for most of the questions. Upload your photo as a final step of the registration process – use your device or a social network profile. Inscribe a headline for your profile. Make it creative and memorable. The whole process may take you up to 10 minutes, but such a mechanism prevents scammers from registering.

Profile Interface

Profile Interface

The registration process makes a Fitness Singles profile complete if a person gives answers to all questions. Subscribers are affordable to add their zodiac signs and write down their ### Matches/Communication

When you’ve completed the registration, search options are available. Members are free to pick up:

  • Basic Search. Activate basic matching algorithms that may sort members by distance, username, age (youngest or oldest first). Furthermore, subscribers are available to display newly registered users.
  • Custom Search. Those filters are more variable. Set up the preferred gender, age range, search distance or zip code, country. If necessary, activate advanced filters of specific fitness activities, diet, appearance, lifestyle, and many others to help you meet the special one.
  • Username Search. The option is useful for those who are looking for a certain member.

The system shows members based on the activated filters. Click on a thumbnail photo to open full profile information and view all uploaded pictures. Subscribers are accessible to like and comment on each photo, like in a social network. Moreover, there are different ways to initiate contact: messages, instant mails, ‘Show interest’ messages.

Members structure and activities

Members structure and activities

The total number of members who’ve registered on the Fitness Singles platform exceeds 2 million people, and such an amount is pretty well for a service-oriented to representatives of a certain lifestyle. This number is gradually increasing. According to statistics, the average amount of monthly visits is 688 000 users. An average user spends at least 16 minutes on the platform, browsing 17 pages or more.

Users age

The Fitness Singles team cautions non-age persons they have no right to open an account. Members over 18 are accessible to sign up only; otherwise, the actions are understood as an act of legislative norms violation.

Male representatives outnumber the platform. The highest number of registered men (27.5%) are over 55. As for women, their profiles are evenly distributed alongside all age ranges.

Sexual preferences

The majority of registered persons are straight, but the platform is still user-friendly from the viewpoint of available sexual orientations. Subscribers are free to specify their sexual preferences within the registration process and then activate appropriate match filters.

Race and Ethnicity

Persons of all races and ethnicities are welcome to join the Fitness Singles platform. No extensions attached! While speaking about the geographical distribution, the following countries are leading from the point of view of the highest amount of representatives: the USA (82.65%), Canada (9.61%), the United Kingdom (6.13%), and Australia (0.53%). Thus, 98.92% of the whole community represents four English-spoken countries. As for other locations, the service is essentially less effective.

Religious Orientation

When a person is completing the registration process, the system suggests choosing their religious orientation. What such an aspect does matter, activate it among extended match algorithms to meet like-minded persons.

Fitness Singles dating website features

Fitness Singles dating website features

On the one hand, the service offers traditional communication options, while on the other hand, there are some unique features. Subscribers point out the following options foremost:

  • Instant messages:
  • Traditional messages are available for premium subscribers only, but standard users are free to send instant messages, catching a person’s attention. Note that some users prefer not to accept instant messages.

  • Show interest’ messages:
  • Registered users are available to show interest by sending some standard messages (for instance, ‘I liked your profile. What do you think of mine?’. Those messages are perfect for initiating contact.

  • Top-25 subscribers:
  • The system displays the most popular members within each category. You are available to specify gender, fitness activity, and age range to see who is on the top of the Fitness Singles platform.

    Safety & Security

    The service requires no email or other validation, but the Fitness Singles team moderates each profile manually. Headline, photo, and occupation are under review; hence, scammers’ profiles are easily determined and banned.

    The platform collects personal information to provide registered persons with high-quality services. Third parties have no access to that information. The service respects a person’s anonymity; therefore, usernames are enough to join the platform.

    Registered members are available to change their security settings. For instance, make your profile not viewable for other users, decline instant messages, etc. Add phone number to receive notifications. Read safety tips published on the website to protect yourself.

    Is Fitness Singles legit or scam service?

    According to users’ testimonials, such a service is entirely legit. The website contains success stories of couples who enjoy each other and practice fitness activities together. The team does everything possible to helps people of any age find their sweethearts.

    Meanwhile, there are some fake accounts, as the service requires no mandatory verification. The team moderates photos and headlines to block nudity and offensive content, but members are able to open an account under a false identity. Users are welcome to help the team to ‘purify’ the service.

    When you’ve detected a suspicious profile, report a member. Choose the general reason for your concern, type additional information, and submit a form. Furthermore, a person is available to block any person without a specific reason.

    Subscription types and price

    Subscription types and price

    A standard account has no permission to send messages; therefore, members have to purchase the premium subscription. The system offers four different packages: from 1 month to 1 year. The more extended your premium subscription is, the more money a user saves:

    Premium membership plan Price for 1 month Total price
    1-month premium subscription $39.99 $39.99
    3-months premium subscription $21.99 $65.97
    6-months premium subscription $14.99 $84.94
    12-months premium subscription $9.99 $119.88

    Thus, the 1-year premium membership is the most beneficial. Furthermore, in case a user is not satisfied with the 12-months subscription, the platform team extends the full access for the next 12 months. Generally, the Fitness Singles review mentions the service as low-priced.

    The following steps are necessary to get the premium subscription:

    1. Click on the ‘Subscribe’ option placed in the upper menu.
    2. Select the preferred premium package.
    3. Choose the payment method (credit cards, PayPal wallets, checks, and money orders).
    4. Inscribe your payment information.
    5. Finish the purchase.

    Free membership

    Free membership

    The following features are accessible for owners of standard accounts:

    • completing and editing personal information;
    • uploading and deleting photos;
    • activating any match filters;
    • adding members to a list of favorites;
    • receiving messages;
    • sending instant messages;
    • sending ‘Show Interest’ messages;
    • getting access to customer support around the clock;
    • blocking and reporting other members

    The premium membership plan enables a user with other features:

    • sending an unlimited number of messages;
    • boosting a profile to get higher in search results;
    • getting access to initiate contact with any singles;
    • seeing who’s viewed your profile.

    The list of premium features is not extended, but those options are the most effective. According to the statistics, premium Fitness Singles accounts catch 5 times more attention.

    Website design and usability

    Website design and usability

    The Fitness Singles website combines red and white colors, offering smooth design to subscribers. The chosen color scheme doesn’t irritate but looks too simple. Younger members wish to see the website more stylish and up-to-date. As for the interface, everything is at fingertips. The following features are placed in the menu row:

    1. Home. Return to home screen where notifications and new members are displayed.
    2. Search. Activate the filters you need.
    3. Who’s New? View newly registered members.
    4. Who’s Online? View online users.
    5. Matches. View members whose interests are mutual with yours.
    6. Connections. Access to recent notifications (who’s viewed a profile, liked photos, etc.).
    7. Top-25. See the top-25 members, selected in correspondence with your search filters.
    8. Messages. Send and receive messages there.
    9. My Profile. Change your personal information, if necessary.

    Mobile application

    Mobile application

    There are no mobile applications, but the Fitness Single website is adapted to mobile devices, offering the fullest functionality to on-the-go users. The statistics show mobile users outnumber those browsing the service from PCs.

    Contact Information

    Members are accessible to look through frequently asked questions when any problems appear. Furthermore, subscribers are accessible to contact the team by filling in the appropriate form. Select the topic, operating system, and browser. Inscribe your email, and type your message. The team answers within 24 hours.


    Many people are keen on an active lifestyle, and they frequently wish to date like-minded persons and share their activities and achievements. The Fitness Singles platform enables members with such an ability. More than 2 million people have already joined the community.

    Subscribers get access to the service from both PCs and mobile devices, while no applications are launched. The functionality is rather diverse. Members are free to activate search algorithms, like and comment on photos, send instant and ‘Show Interest’ messages. The traditional messaging feature is paid, while the premium membership is low priced.

    There are numerous success stories, and members consider the service useful and effective. Active lifestyle supporters should undoubtedly join the Fitness Singles planet.

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