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This LDSPlanet review will give users a brief description of the dating website and whether it is useful for having a true relationship.


LDSPlanet Overview

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  • It features only one community, so no dispute with religious matters.
  • Dating is based on the same belief of people.
  • Suggested message to be sent to people.
  • Contacting users is difficult for users with free membership.
  • Only limited to a certain category of people.

LDSPlanet is one of the largest dating sites available online, which is meant for the people in churches of Latter-day saints. Seeking the Mormons community’s relationship requirements, the dating site was developed to bring together LDS men and LDS women. The dating site has the highest number of users featuring the Mormon community.

LDSPlanet only features the LDS or Mormon community having the same belief in Christianity. People who register over the dating network will have the same belief of God, making it easier for them to date each other without miscommunication. The site can not only be used to meet your dating partners but also to discover and meet new friends.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

The functionality of LDSPlanet is based on the profiles created by users. When users create their profiles, the biodata is regulated all over the platform. Then the biodata is matched with other candidates or people of the opposite sex. All the people registering on the website has to answer some questions, which will further set the desired search criteria for the perfect partner they are looking for. When the LDSPlanet dating site finds that two users of the opposite sex have answered the same question, they are matched. Later with the chat feature of the website, one can easily contact their partner.

Sign-Up & Login Process

The login process on the website is quite easy. One can easily log in to their profile when they visit the official website of LDSPlanet. Upon visiting the LDSPlanet website, the user will be able to see an option stating ‘Already a member?’, which will be visible on the top right of the screen. Click on the option, and you will be headed to the login page of the dating site. You will be asked to fill up your login credentials, i.e., your username or email address and password that you have created during the sign-up process.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Talking about the sign-up process, registering on the website is also a hassle-free task. To register on LDSPlanet, visit their official website.

  • Upon visiting the official website of the LDSPlanet, you will see the homepage opening up with not too many options present. All you will see is the logo, sign up option, the option to log in, and some button to pages at the footer section. The signup option will appear as a button stating ‘View singles’. Click on the button, and the signup process for the website will begin.
  • On the next page, you will be asked to enter the postal code or zip code of your locality.
  • Then you will be headed to the next page, which will ask for your interests. You will be asked whether you are seeking a woman or a man for yourself.
  • Then on the next page, you will be asked to fill up your email address. Make sure to fill in the correct email address because your email will later be required for the verification process.
  • On the next page that appears on your screen, you will be asked to set up the password for your profile. Make sure to create a strong and effective password to make your profile safe from hacking.
  • Next, you will be asked to fill your birthday. Well, there is an age limit to get registered on the website and start dating, i.e., you need to be 18+.
  • Next, you will be asked to fill up your first name on the page that appears next. Next, you will be asked to fill up your last name.
  • You will be asked some personal questions, which will include your desires, what you would like to see in your partner, your thoughts about church, about you, and what kind of relationship you are looking for on the site.

Profile Interface

The profile on the dating site is created during the signup process. Your profile will include all the personal information and other details you have given during the registration process. Your profile will show your profile picture, name, contact details, interests, gender, questions you have answered, and what you would like to see in your partner.


Communication on the website is made easy through the advanced chat feature. People of the Mormon community are mostly busy with church activity. They don’t get time to indulge in social activities like having a relationship, making it difficult to find an LDS for dating. Keeping this in mind, LDSPlanet was designed to have a successful relationship between LDS people. People here can look for single men/ women or one with a divorce or widow to get into a relationship. Also, people here can look for short-term and long-term relationships, as well as a relationship for marriage.


Members Structure and Activities

On the website, you will only find people belonging to the Mormon community. Being a dating site dedicated to the Mormon community following Christianity, you will only find people with the same belief.

Users Age

On the LDSPlanet website, you can find users aging between 18 to 50 years old. There’s an age limit on the website that users will come across while registering on the website. So you will only find users above age 18 on the website.

Users Age

Sexual Preferences

The website is only designed for straight or hetero people. When registering on the website, you will be asked to select your interests, i.e., whether you are looking for a man or woman. Sadly, if you are homo or seem to be interested in relationships with people of the same gender, this website is not for you. People can only register on this website if they are looking for a relationship with people of the opposite sex.

Race and Ethnicity

There are almost 500,000 members from the USA with their profiles on the website, out of which 150 people are weekly active. All the people or users that have their profile on the website do belong to the Mormon community, which are the followers of Christianity.

Religious Orientation

Talking about the religious beliefs of the people on the dating people, users here only follow Christianity. This is so because the website is only meant for the Mormon community, which is the follower of Christianity. With this being one of the features of LDSPlanet, there can be no dispute between the members because of the religious orientation.

Religious Orientation

LDSPlanet Dating Website Features

There are many features associated with the LDSPlanet website that a user is going to see. Some of the website’s most common features include profile viewing, photos, messaging over the mail services, instant messages, connections with users, etc. Moreover, you can not only view the profile of the users, but add it to favorite, use flirt options, and like the photos of your desired search matches.

Safety and Security

Safety and security are other things that need to be taken care of when registering on a dating website. Of course, one cannot give your personal information on a random website to get date matches. Talking about LDSPlanet, one can completely rely on its safety and security measures. Users don’t need to worry about their data being leaked outside the website. LDSPlanet does not deal with selling its users’ data to any third party website.

Is LDSPlanet Legit or Scam Service?

When registering on a dating website, users need to be sure of the website being legit. Many people fear that the website they register on might prove to be a scam, but with LDSPlanet, one can help them find the desired matches. LDSPlanet has successfully registered many successful relationship stories that started on its website in the last few years. Also, there are over 500,000 members on the website, so you can trust it, as it is completely legit and works on real matchmaking.

Is LDSPlanet Legit or Scam Service?

Subscription Types and Price

You can register for free and later, if you want, you can become a premium member of the website. The plans for free and the paid members are different, and there are various other features available to the paid members but not for free members.

Free Membership

Talking about the features included in the free membership, users will be able to create a profile, edit their profile, respond to personality prompts, answer questions, add up to three interests, add message ideas, and add photos. Free membership to the LDSPlanet website is limited to only a few features, and if you want to unleash the full potential of the dating website, you will have to get the website’s premium membership.

Free Membership

The cost for paid membership is around $16.99 for one month, whereas the three-month membership costs around $12.32 per month when bought together. Similarly, the six-month membership costs $8.99 per month. There are many features you will be seeing with the paid membership, such as: enhanced search option, chat using the instant message feature, see list of members who have flirted with you, and send and receive the messages over the mail. You will also be able to see the list of members who have added you to their favorite list.

Website Design and Usability

The website’s design is quite simple, and one can easily get adapted to the interface of the website. You get all the options arranged at a place, so you need not search for the options again. Even if you are using the website for the first time, or it’s your very first experience with any of the dating sites, then you are not going to have any problem using it.

Moreover, the website’s design, theme, and layout are simple, and you might not find it difficult to navigate through the website. Also, the website’s speed is fast, which means that it will lead in no time.

Website Design and Usability

Mobile Application

The good thing is that the app for the LDSPlanet website is available as well. Whether you are using Android or iOS, the app for the LDSPlanet is available in the Google Play store and the Apple store. With the app compatibility, you will be able to send and receive messages at ease without having to sign out from the app again and again.

Contact Information

  • Company: PeopleMedia
  • Postal Adress: PO Box 25458, Dallas, TX 75225

Users can reach out to the customer care team of the LDSPlanet website with the help of their contact numbers. Users can easily contact them at – 866-320-0106, between 7:00am – 7:00pm CT Monday- Saturday. Also, users can contact them from their contact page.

LDSPlanet Contact Information


LDSPlanet is good to use the website if you are looking for a partner in the LDS or Mormon community. The site only features the LDS community, so if you are not the one belonging to the same community, you cannot register on it. The only thing the site lacks is a sexual orientation, as the site is only available to the straight users. You can register on the website and start with your dating experience, and later you won’t regret the choice you have made.

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