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Lovoo was launched back in 2011 in Germany. Since then, it has been launched in many more countries over the years. Shortly after its launch, it became the fastest growing online dating site, with many new members joining it.

Lovoo Overview

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  • This site Lovoo has a high number of members, and its members’ number increases daily. This high number means there are a wide variety of members on this site and the chances of finding a good match for you are excellent.
  • It has many free features. So before you make a subscription on this site, you will know beforehand if this site is worth it.
  • Members can earn free Lovoo credits by doing various activities. This bonus encourages each member to be more active on this site and do live streams, which would be very entertaining for the member itself and the viewers.
  • Profile authenticity is taken very seriously by this site, which is why the security here is strict. This strictness means there are few scam profiles on this site as well.
  • The app is very interactive. It has fun activities to make members know each other better.
  • Members can send hearts to others for free. This way, if a member likes them back, they would already have someone they can interact with.
  • You do not have to spend time remembering the names of the members you liked. You can right away add them to your favorites list.
  • This site is available in a lot of countries. This availability allows diversity, and many different people can interact with each other.
  • Frequently bringing new features and updates to enhance the online dating experience and remove any glitches.
  • Its subscription is very affordable, which makes it accessible to a lot of people.
  • You have to complete details of your profile first to view the profile information of other members.
  • It is mandatory to upload a profile picture to have access to the site.
  • The site does not have a variety of search features. Only basic search features are available, so you have to spend more time searching through profiles to find a pattern that matches your preferences.
  • Some profiles are not well detailed, so you may have to communicate more with members personally to know if they have the qualities you desire.
  • There may be many members accessing the site at one time so that the site can crash sometimes.

How does it Work?

It became a trend among the youth and is now considered one of the world’s leading online dating sites. It has millions of followers.

The site has earned the respect of its members due to its tremendous and legitimate service. Many online dating sites users report many fake profiles, and the site does not monitor members’ accounts. But this site is known for having very few phony accounts. This low fake profile rate is because they have an authentication process and strict checking on profiles, ensuring the profiles are real. Uploading pictures are also mandatory.

The site owners are very innovative, as they are always bringing new updates and features to make it a delightful place for its members. They introduced the live stream in 2019, which was a successful feature as many new members were attracted to this site because of it. There are many success stories on social media about this site.

If you move to a new place and want to know some people around, this site would be beneficial to you as many people are using this site worldwide. You can match with people online in your area and meet them and have a good time.

If you are searching for a lover, a life partner, a hookup, or even want a friend to hang out with, then keep reading this Lovoo review because it would give you all the information you need.

How does it Work?

Sign-up and Login Process?

To signup, users have to go through a small and easy process. It takes only 3-4 minutes. Users have can either sign up through their Facebook or email. For signup through the email, users have to enter their name, city, and gender. Then you have to put your email address and a password.

This site keeps the authentication of its members. If it notices any suspicious activity such as an inconsistent IP address or location, they request verification through SMS. This rule is strict, and you have to verify through your SMS as otherwise, you will be unable to register successfully. They will keep asking for SMS verification for up to 30 days. However, if you do not enter any incorrect information or attempt to create a fake account, you will be verified through your email address.

Lovoo allows you to browse through the site without completing your profile information. But your profile will not be promoted or shown in the top results of members until you complete your profile information and add a profile picture.

Profile interface?

After you search, there would be different profiles visible on your screen. When you click on a profile, you will remain on the same page as you were, and the pattern would pop up. This profile would cover up half of your screen. The verified profiles have an exclusive badge on them.

The profiles on Lovoo are usually not too detailed. They portray necessary information such as age, name, and location. They also show if the member is active currently or not. However, some members choose to give better-detailed information about themselves in the “About me” section. This section serves as a bio of the members where they can write a paragraph about themselves. The members also have a photo gallery. Most of the profiles have pictures on them. The profile pictures are uploaded because the site encourages its members to upload photos by not allowing them to view a photo gallery of other members if they have not uploaded at least three pictures.

Profile interface?


Like many other dating sites, this site has the option of searching other members using features such as age, location, preference, etc. The results will show profiles filtered according to the filters you used.

The most characteristic feature used to find matches is the “swipe” feature. These are profiles the site shows which match the qualities which you had put in your account. They are profiles which can be a potential match for you. You have to swipe through each profile and like or dislike them. A notice will be sent to them if you want them, and if they love you back, you would be matched with them. This process is quick, easy, and fast. This swipe function is called “play” on this site.

There is a list of icebreaker messages users can send to other members. They are quick to post so that you can send a lot of them to different people in less time. These messages help you initiate a conversation with other members. Users can also send messages directly through the instant chat option.

Members structure and activities

Lovoo is a well-known site and has been in the market for many years. Due to this, it has built a large member base of 80 million users worldwide. Most of the members are from Europe from countries like Italy and Germany as this site was launched in Germany first.

But there are approximately 6,800,000 members from the USA as well. Lovoo isn’t used in the USA for dating, according to research, but it is used more for a one-time meet up to spend time or to make some friends in the local area.

The male proportion is quite higher than the females. 75% of the members here are male, while only 25% are females.

The members on this site are amiable and interactive. They are always engaged in different activities such as watching other member’s life or going live themselves. Since the site gives Lovoo credits or cash, it motivates members to engage more online.

Members structure and activities

Users age

The minimum age to sign up on this site is 18. There are mostly young members on this site. The average age of members here is in the range of 19-26 years old.

Sexual preferences

There is no option of entering the user’s sexual identity on the registration form. But this site supports the LGBTQ community and allows members with any sexual preference for engaging in dating. Users can write about their sexual preferences in their bio or tell about them directly on chat. The site even allows searching for the same gender profiles. There are gays, bisexuals, and lesbians on this site who have found a match according to their sexual preference.

Race and ethnicity

There are people from all around the world on this site. Lovoo promotes cultural diversity, and so people of any race and ethnicity can join the site.

Religious orientation

There are no specifications on religion for members. Members can join the site no matter what their faith is.

Lovoo dating website features

  • Discover: It is a feature that allows you to search for members on the bases of their age, location, and range.
  • Radar: This is a feature only available on the mobile app. Members would be showing according to your location with this feature.
  • Play: A feature that shows members’ profiles one by one. You can click “heart” on the patterns you like or “X” if you are not interested. The next profile will show after you react to one.
  • Lovoo lives: Users can host live streams, and free or paid members can view their life. The viewers can send them gifts on the live stream. Users can use each diamond as a form of Lovoo cash or credit.
Lovoo dating website features

Safety & security

This site has a list of terms and conditions that ensure no third-party interventions, and all data of members will be kept confidential. The payments made on this site are made through secure software as well.

Is Lovoo a legit or scam service?

Lovoo is a legit service. It has been in the market for a long time and has earned respect due to its legitimacy. It has a surprisingly low rate of fake accounts due to its verification process of members.

But members should be careful themselves and not trust anyone with their personal or financial information unless they have met and got to know them.

Subscription types and price

Premium membership/Total:

  • $ 9.99/ Month
  • 3 months: $ 8.33/ Month $24.99
  • 6 months: $5.67/month $33.99
  • 12 month: $5.83/ month $69.96

Lovoo credits:

  • 300 credits= $3.49
  • 550 credits= $5.49
  • 2,500 credits= $17.00
  • 8,000 credits= $33.60

Subscription types and price

Free membership

  • Favorites list
  • Live video hosting
  • An icebreaker daily
  • Registration
  • Use search features
  • Block advertisements
  • Profile promotion
  • See who viewed your profile
  • Unlimited icebreakers
  • See who liked you

Website design and usability

Subscription types and price

The design of this site is advanced but at the same time very easy to use. All the search features are simple but effective in finding a match. It’s “play,” and icebreaker features makes it more fun to find a match.

Mobile application

Lovoo mobile application has more features than the desktop version. Users have the Radar and live function on the app, making it more interactive, fun, and accessible. It is available on both google play and ios. Users can receive notification and chat with members anytime.

Contact information

Company: The Meet Group, Inc.

Address: 100 Union Square Drive New Hope, PA 18938

Phone: (215)862-1162

Email: [email protected]


Lovoo is one of the top dating sites out there. It has a low number of fake profiles, an excellent interface, it is easy to use, and very interactive. Free users can use the essential features to have a good look at the site. It has some great features such as the live video stream, making it very enjoyable to be online even if you aren’t talking to anyone. Members can get to know their matches better by seeing their live videos. This Lovoo review suggests that you should try to register on this site if you are a single person looking for a good dating experience.

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