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Many things need to be said about MyLOL to provide a good and full review of the site. The first thing to do is to take a general look at all the site’s strengths and weaknesses. Below you can see a list that attempts to provide you a first look into the site.

MyLOL Overview

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  • It welcomes anyone who meets the requirements to register
  • Looks fresh and is very intuitive
  • Tons of cool features for teens
  • You can easily see photos of other members
  • Meeting new people and becoming friends is very easy
  • Even though they are rare, you might find fake profiles once in a while
  • You might see lousy stuff before it gets deleted by mods

How Does It Work?

Teenagers usually want ways to meet other people of their age. This is simply what MyLOL offers them. There are already tons of social media around, but still, this one attempts to bring new and exciting features and become an alternative.

Since this site’s focus is on teens between 13 and 19 years old, it already sets itself apart from the rest. Although it sells itself as a dating site for teens, one might look at it and think of it as a place where teens meet friends.

The best thing about the site is that it is entirely free. Well, since teens are the target of the site, it could not be different. Of course, there are paid features, but they are not necessary to enjoy the website’s main elements.

From a broad perspective, MyLOL is simply one more site trying to connect teens around the world. It offers them a safe place where they can look for new friends or meet romantic partners. To rightly attract young people, the site was designed in a way that looks modern and polished.

How Does It Work?

How to Sign Up And Log In

The registration process for MyLOL is very easy for anyone. Teens with Twitter or Facebook account can enter this site by connecting their accounts. In other case, they will be required to register some information.

Registration at MyLOL is very easy for all teens. Those who have a Twitter or Facebook account and want to connect these accounts can easily skip some parts of the process. In case they do not choose to do that, some information is required.

The info the site asks is fundamental and consists of:

  • Desired username
  • Valid email address for further notifications
  • Age (members can’t be older than 19)
  • Gender
  • City
  • Area you live in

New members also need to agree with the terms and conditions of the site, as usual.

When you are logged off and want to get back into the site, you just need to visit it and click on “enter.” Then you go to a page where you enter your login information.

Profiles on the Site

Teens worry a lot about profiles being good or not. At such an age, what they truly want is to be able to express themselves in every possible way. Because of that, teen apps and sites need to give them tools for doing such.

At MyLOL, teens can personalize their profiles, starting with their pictures. They can add a photo of themselves being funny or in any other way they like.

Just like Facebook, teens can add friends on MyLOL, and they will show up on profiles.

The best way to add information to a profile on MyLOL is to write on it. There is the option “about me” where teens can say something about themselves. They can write about who they are, how old they are, their hobbies, etc.

There is also a “looking for” tab where teens can be open about what they expect from the site. Do they want to make new friends? Find a significant other? Find players for an online game? All these possibilities are open on MyLOL.

One of the significant issues on MyLOL is that fake profiles exist, and it is kind of easy to find them if you spend enough time on the site. This is not to say that there are many fake profiles. To be sure, profiles made by real teens are the majority. Still, you can find some fake profiles on it, and then you should report them.

Profiles on the Site

Matching and Communicating

There is no “match” feature available at MyLOL. Even though this site is used as a dating site for teens, it sells itself as a Facebook made only for teenagers. Then, it is “where friends meet.” If teens want to chat with someone in a romantic way, they have to use the chat feature.

Fortunately, the chat feature is free for everyone on the site. It is effortless to use and lets members send gifs and pictures.

There are other ways of communicating, as well. The “shout” feature allows members to post a quick message that other online members can see. Additional tools are also available to communicate: chat rooms, blogs, and forums.

The chat room is where you can chat with many people at the same time. As for the blog and the forums, they work simply as the name says. You can use the blog tool to write something that is on your mind, and at the forums, you can join discussions under specific topics.

Members on the Site

There are 300,000 members on the site, which is not a big number. Users are scattered across the world, but yes, the majority of them are in the USA. The number of male users is significantly bigger.

Age of Users

To access MyLOL, any user should be between 13 and 19 years old. Users who are found to violate this rule are instantly banned.

Sexual Preferences

Teens these days are more open to experiencing new things and discovering their sexuality. In this sense, any teen that gets into the site can hope to find other teens of all sexual preferences.

Race and Ethnicity

Since the site is for teens, there is no restriction concerning race and ethnicity. Thus, it is possible to find users of all races and cultural backgrounds.

Religious Orientation

Some teens care about religion, some don’t. In that sense, there are teens of all faiths on the site and those who have no faith.

Religious Orientation

MyLOL Features

MyLOL does not offer exceptional features in comparison to other sites. That is, you will not find anything in there that you can’t possibly find somewhere else. Features present on the site consist of:

  • Shout – This works much like a timeline. You can post anything, and people will see it. If you want to post pics, you need to be approved first.
  • Votes – This is a way to make some members more accessible and more seen by others. You can decide if they deserve to be on the “Popular members” list and appear on the homepage.
  • Chat room – There is a large chat room for all members of MyLOL. It is entertaining and resembles old MSN groups.
  • Blog – Here you can start your own topics that interest you, show your opinion on different issues, and read the same from the other users.
  • Forum – That’s where members can communicate on different topics. You can create your thread or join any other.

Safety and Security

MyLOL developers work every day to make sure users are protected. They work hard to find and deactivate fake and harmful profiles. There are many ways in which the site make users safe:

Suspicious keyword detection: This feature helps detect when someone is using the site to promote illegal content or harm other users. Anything that is written on the website is verified through this feature.

Photo moderation: All pictures uploaded to the site need to be checked by moderators. This is a way of blocking pedophiles, for example.

Site reporting: Users are given this tool to report other members who they think should not be on the site. When someone is reported, the support team checks the report and sometimes bans the user.

Blocking users: Sometimes, someone is not genuinely violating the site’s rules, but still is bothering. Members who feel bothered by someone can choose to block other members.

Moderated chat room: There are many instances of the chat room, and all of them are moderated. Some are moderated by real people, other by bots that are programmed to kick or ban anyone who does not follow the rules.

Contacting the site: Getting in touch with the support team is very easy. That can be done through the form at the bottom of the site. Such a place is where any issue can be reported.

Safety and Security

Is MyLOL Legit?

Yes, this site is completely legit. Although you might sometimes find fake profiles, the site is still what it sells itself as; a place for teens to connect.

Types of Subscriptions

MyLOL can be used completely for free, but its users can also choose to pay for a subscription so that they can access more features.

Free Subscription

In case you use the site for free, you get access only to the basics. To be honest, the basic features are already enough. They consist of:

  • Chatting
  • Adding new friends
  • Posting a “shout”
  • Joining forums and discussing different topics
  • Writing blogs
  • Searching for new users

The paid membership offered by MyLOL is called “privileged.” Becoming a privileged member unlocks some new features:

  • You can see who visited your profile
  • You can see who voted your profile
  • You will know when your messages are read
  • You can view your last connection and joined date
  • You can see which members want to meet you

Here is how much getting access to these features costs:

  • The mini: $3,95 for a week
  • The saver: $9,95 for a month (38% discount)
  • Bestseller: $6,95 for month during 3 months/$20,85 total (57% of discount)
  • The clever: $4,95 for month during 6 months/$29,7 total (69% of discount)
Paid Subscription

Design and Usability

Sites where people go to connect need to be as welcoming as possible. Because of that, the best sites rightly invest in beautiful designs and tools that make newcomers feel comfortable. This seems to be true about MyLOL. After all, its public is young, and young people demand sites that feel fresh.

It is safe to say that the site looks well designed and well suited to its public. It feels and looks sharp as well as modern. As for usability, it could not be any better.

Mobile App

The app would be more commonly accessed than the site itself since teens are always with their smartphones around them. However, there is no app for MyLOL, though it’s mobile version is neat and useful, as well as the desktop one.

Contact Information

Company: MyLOL

Address: 2300 Rue du Barachois Suite 505, Quebec,Canada, G2C 0G3

Phone: Not informed

Email: [email protected]



MyLOL is probably the best site made specifically for teens who want to connect with new people. These connections might be new friends for life or even a boyfriend or girlfriend. Such a place must exist, and because of that, it needs to be taken care of.

The site is always improving itself to be a fresh-looking place for young people. It lets them be who they indeed are while finding new people who think alike. In case you are a teen who stumbled upon this review, you might want to check MyLOL.

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