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Passion.com is amongst the largest online dating sites for single grownups trying to find sensual intimacy. Not your typical relationship platform passion.com has an even more sexual focus, with match seekers searching for casual hookups and flings.


Passion Overview

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  • A large multi-million database ensures a wide choice of partners for the most sophisticated users.
  • It’s a reputable platform with extensive experience in the dating market.
  • Filters include the opportunity to highlight users by their location or status (Gold, VIP, etc.) to sort them as novices or the hottest members.
  • Many public and private communication tools make a great difference in your dating experience.
  • Awesome customer support adds confidence and makes dating safer.
  • Active and benevolent community.
  • The home page is a bit messy.
  • Only profiles’ summaries are accessible for free users.
  • Many fake profiles make people waste money.
  • A mobile app has not appeared yet.

How Does It Work?

Those craving for a down-for-anything fling, singles to chat online, or for a booty call, should address the Passion.com platform. A great percentage of modern society toes the line in their everyday lives because of higher employment, stress, financial, and private turmoil. Casual dating with no string attached is a Wild Card to relax and look out of the body.

The Passion.com can hardly match typical hookup websites since it features a patina of romance and hints at brighter prospects. Many people become the website’s community members because they believe that one-night stand might become a stepping-stone towards a serious relationship and true love. Of course, the platform still needs improvements to attract a vaster audience, but its decent performance is undeniable.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Sign-Up & Login Process

After you’ve entered the website from the search or via a link, you’ll see the front page with the application form on the right. Start your membership to access other web pages and the members’ profiles. First, you should point out your gender and sexual orientation, and specify the type of the desired partner in terms of gender and sexual identity. Then, please click the “Join for Free” button to continue the registration:

  • Repeat the previous two steps once more.
  • Type in your birthdate.
  • Provide your country of residence.
  • Specify your city and the closest locality.
  • Point out your e-mail, username, and password.

The e-mail verification is necessary to finish the registration and activate the account. The process takes no more than 3 minutes; that’s why the lack of registration through the Facebook account is not a big deal.

Profile Interface

The Passion.com website allows standard members to look through the profiles’ previews. When you access the full profile page, you’ll appreciate its convenient structure where all the settings are in the left sidebar, and members online and users “broadcasting now” are in the center of the page. The website allows flexible setup to let you adapt the dashboard to your activities. All the critical elements are in their right places, meaning the opportunity to report abuse or block a scammer, to send likes, winks, add others to favorites, etc.


The Passion.com portal is the outstanding service in terms of interactivity, allowing the users to send messages, chat, participate in live shows, exchange private videos, and photos. Don’t worry if you are too shy to initiate communication, as you can send winks before a message to disclose your sympathy and to know about your addressee’s attitude. If you get a wink back, it makes the further interaction quite promising. If you want to outreach people for sex only, use the “Kink Search” filter to prioritize your sexual preferences while looking for a partner.

Some users complain about irrelevant matches on Passion.com. However, it’s a rather subjective evaluation since people tend to judge things and events that do not coincide with their expectations. Passion.com is an adult website, and some messages might contain frivolous, horny, and dirty content. Just make the proper settings on your profile page to avoid misunderstanding with other community members. Let the community know that you are, for example, into vanilla sex only to exclude inappropriate offers.

Members Structure and Activities

Members Structure and Activities

The Passion.com service can boast over 35,000,000 members worldwide, and 103,029,126 users in the USA. The female audience prevails on the website in the 5:1 ratio. This females’ abundance might be annoying for girls looking for straight men. The platform generates most traffic from the United States, and many other users come from the United Kingdom, France, Canada, and Thailand.

Users Age

The users’ age range on Passion.com is more extensive than on many other niche websites that might focus on marriage, ethnicity, kinks, and other categories. This portal does not set boundaries and allows people of any tastes and specs to join the community. That’s why you have a fair chance of finding a partner of either 18 or 55+. Nevertheless, lets’ look through the stats:

  • 18–24 years old: 20% of females and 3% of males.
  • 25–34 y.o.: 35% of females and 7% of males.
  • 35–44 y.o.: 22% of females and 9% of males.
  • 45–54 y.o.: 3% of females and 1% of males.
  • 55+ y.o.: under 1% of both females and males.

As is to be expected, the seniors are not the mainstream audience on Passion.com since they tend to opt for the dedicated services for daters over 50. Besides, many older people prefer long-term relationships with hookups.

Sexual Preferences

The Passion.com allows finding people with a wide range of sexual preferences, including swingers and those admiring gang-bang, orgies, and group sex. Both singles and couples can set an account to date people that want the same. Besides, it is not only about man-and-women couples, but also about woman-woman and man-man partners. Anyway, there are 15% of couples on the website.

Sexual identity is not an obstacle to get the passionate experience on this platform. The club welcomes gays, lesbians, and bisexual members. There are also enough trannies, transsexuals, and transgender people’s profiles there.

Race and Ethnicity

The Passion.com is similar to the modern world where people of all races and nationalities might hang out within a single location. You can meet whites, blacks, Asians, and many other members to enjoy their unique sexuality. Some people consider girls from Japan to be the hottest cuties, while others state that Hispanic women are the best. It is widely believed that black males are the hardiest lovers, and the British hidden sensuality is legendary. Well, we all got different needs, and Passion.com caters to all of them.

Religious Orientation

Hookup apps and websites don’t focus on their members’ beliefs since it would be weird and irrelevant. Free love implies the freedom of religion by default; that’s why you won’t see such filters as, for instance, Muslims or Christians. One can discuss this delicate issue on a personal level to ensure the perfect match.

Passion.com Dating Website Features

Passion.com Dating Website Features

  • The indicator on the profile page shows the user’s online or offline status, and you can also know the last time that a member has been active. It’s a great feature to recognize a fake and to see that the account is active.
  • It’s possible to reconsider and change the gender and sexual preferences of those looking for a hookup regardless of your settings in the application form.
  • “Hot” or “Not” option is a Tinder-like feature to swipe the offered match left or right. Choose “Hot” if you like a person and opt for “Not” if you are not going to initiate communication.
  • “What’s Hot” section allows you to view top-rated profiles, horny videos, and the most steaming photos.
  • Erotic live streams work for your popularity on the platform, providing tons of attention and likes.
  • The community section is a kind of forum where the users gather online to share experiences, tips, and news.
  • The members can build a blog to shine and present yourself as a unique personality.

Safety & Security

The Passion.com website features a well-developed FAQ page with detailed answers to a wide range of questions. Moreover, flawless support service is highly available via phone, e-mail, and live chat. The managers are highly responsive since they never ignore requests and complaints. While the moderators provide seamless user experience, the SSL encryption keeps the members’ activities and transactions safe from hacks.

Is Passion.com Legit or Scam Service?

The Passion.com service has been giving people the chance to love and make love since the 90s until now. The website’s best evidence of legitimacy is high-quality matches with active users. This platform can provide tons of matches from current accounts that are not bots or fakes. Some scammers might try to benefit from your trust, but, fortunately, it’s not easy on a hookup platform since casual dating doesn’t imply financial issues, traveling, gifts, etc. However, it’s crucial to be careful and to ignore requests for money, help, and other blatant lies.

Subscription Types and Price

Subscription Types and Price

Passion.com is a platform with paid (Gold) plans based on the subscription’s duration:

  • One month – $27.95.
  • Three months – $59.85 ($19.95/month).
  • One year – $179.40 ($14.95/month).

The website offers separate fees for a private chatroom:

  • 1 Month – $9.95/month.
  • 3 Months – $6.95/month ($20.85 total).
  • 6 Months–$5.95/month ($35.70 total).
  • 12 Months–3.95/month ($47.40 total).

Adult movies:

  • 1 Month – $18.95/month.
  • 3 Months –$12.95/month ($38.85 total).

Note that it’s possible to look through a particular profile for a one-time affordable fee, and you can earn points:

  • 200 Credits – $0.02/credit ($3.00).
  • 500 Credits – $0.01/credit ($6.00).
  • 1,000 Credits – $0.01/credit ($10.00).

You can use your credit card to make a payment or send a check.

Free Membership

The Passion.com offers a free trial with a full website functionality to let you test options without ruining a budget. Besides, there are some free options on the website:

  • No fees for registration and profile creation.
  • Profiles’ previews with basic information and main photos are available.
  • You can respond to the premium member’s message.
  • You are free to view live webcam shows other members’ broadcast.

  • You can view the full-fledged profiles and photo galleries.
  • Advanced search allows using more filters to enhance matches and success rates. For instance, you can set the option to see only recently active users.
  • Auto-response to e-mails sends auto-messages to all of your first “icebreakers.” The function comes in handy to ask your senders’ questions or, on the contrary, inform them about your expectations.
  • Instant messaging.
  • Blogging and permission to comment on blog posts are very engaging features.
  • One can vote and choose the hottest members.
Website Design and Usability

Website Design and Usability

The Passion.com website is informative and looks appealing, but too many options and features overload a front page, making it difficult to sort them out in the first few minutes. As far as you’ve patched things up, you can go to any section to know your prospects and look for a partner. When you delve into messaging, your activities and notifications from other users will be visible on the left. The layout is reasonable and convenient enough to ensure fast and productive interaction.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Unfortunately, Passion.com doesn’t feel the need to develop a native mobile app for some reason. That’s why the users have to enter the website’s mobile version directly from their browsers. The service’s mobile version is responsive, but, unlike a mobile app, it cannot provide you with the opportunity to store the information locally and upload it after you’ve established the Internet connection.

Contact Information

Company: Various Inc.

Address: 910 E. Hamilton Ave. Suite 600, Campbell, CA. 95008

Phone: (888) 575-8383, (408) 745-5400.



Passion.com features high interactivity where many sensual, playful, and tempting photos are available. It’s a legit and safe platform to kill two birds with one stone, meaning to find flings and to enjoy adult content. The website needs some improvements in terms of design, and a mobile app would be nice.

This loyal and unprejudiced service focuses on no-string-attached encounters that are just a palate cleanser. The website’s offers are indispensable for those coming out of a serious relationship, craving to boost confidence, having a rest finishing a large-scaling project, and for people in similar stressful environments. The Passion.com is a win-win solution for kinks and sexual experiments, since it provides the LGBT communities, couples, and groups with tons of options. At the same time, the platform leaves room for love seekers and real dreamers.

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