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Private dating network where celebrities open accounts. The service is perfect for casual hookups and even building carriers, as the work mode is accessible.

Raya Overview

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  • Members spend several minutes sending an application form to the team.
  • The interface is rather straightforward and contains diverse options.
  • There is a high chance of meeting celebrities there.
  • Many features are available for free.
  • No fake accounts are attached.
  • The team may need from several days to several months to decide whether to grant a user with access.
  • Such a service is accessible for iOS devices only: no other applications or web version.
  • Private messages are paid.

How does it work?

Users say that Raya is truly amazing. Such an application enables a registered member to cross paths with outstanding actors, footballers, models, and other celebrities. The matching-roulette principle helps to spend several minutes to find several persons you wish to continue communication.

Some members regard this application as a platform intended for world-known people looking for hookups. There are no restrictions. Every person is welcome to join the service. The platform is about to become a new trend among celebrities; hence, the community is increasing dynamically.

Raya Review

Signup & Login Process

The registration process is unique. On the one hand, a visitor needs to fill out just basic information that includes real name, gender, and date of birth, location, and occupation. Furthermore, the Raya service requires a valid email to get notified about the results.

When an application form is filled out, members need to wait for the team’s decision. Stars get approval within an hour, while ordinary persons may wait for several weeks or even months. Subscribers are accessible to speed up the process by attaching referrals. Provide the system access to your contact list and mention at least two persons who are already Raya members. The more referrals you get, the quicker the team approves your application.

Signup & Login Process

Profile Interface

Profiles of registered users are detailed enough. Foremost, every subscriber is required to connect an Instagram profile with the application. The system imports photos from the profile to prove a person is real. Members are free to edit their photos, select a thumbnail picture, etc., to highlight their strong points. There are some tips on how to make the photo for a Raya profile to catch much attention. Choose your interests among the available features. The final step includes a short bio that is optional.


The service includes two different modes: social or work, which depend on a purpose. Social mode means you are looking for new friends or relationships, while a work mode enables a member to find professional links to build up careers, find new business partners, etc.

The matching-roulette principle helps a person to find a wide range of members corresponding to the chosen criteria. The filters contain basic algorithms only (gender, age range, location). Swipe left to skip a person or right – to ‘like’ a profile. The system displays nearby people. When you’ve skipped someone accidentally, the second chance is available.


Members Structure and Activities

The service developers are not interested in attracting as many members as possible. The platform policy is entirely the opposite. According to statistics, about 8% of all applications are approved. Millions of people globally wish to join Raya, but the chosen ones only are granted such a right. The whole community includes about 300,000 members, reminding a closed elite group. The average number of online weekly members is just 2,000 users.

Members Structure and Activities

User Age

There is no huge difference between male and female profiles. Their number is almost equal. As for gender distribution, there are some evident trends. The platform is mostly joined by young girls and aged male representatives. The table illustrates the differentiation of subscribers alongside age ranges:

Age range Male representatives Female representatives
Less than 25 years 18.4% 13.1%
25 – 35 years 36.7% 29.4%
35 – 45 years 10.8% 27.9%
45 – 55 years 26.4% 14.2%
55+ years 7.7% 15.4%

Sexual preferences

There are no limitations linked to a person’s sexual orientation. Members accentuate that admins prefer to approve good-looking persons, as the platform aims to help world-known stars to find an exciting adventure. Most Raya users are straight. The system doesn’t require specifying your sexual interests within the profile information. Note that many celebrities prefer to keep their sexual orientation a secret.

Sexual preferences

Race and Ethnicity

There are no extensions that concern races and ethnicities. Any person is empowered with the right to send an application. Meanwhile, Raya has a significant shift to the USA, from the viewpoint of the geographical distribution. More than 90% of registered members are US residents. Moreover, the platform aims to connect US celebrities and other citizens, mostly. The statistics show that in most other countries, this application becomes useless.

Religious OrientationRaya dating website features

In fact, the platform reminds other matching-roulette-based dating services. Some reviewers call this application the Tinder for celebrities, and such a comparison makes sense. As for the special features, that is hard to distinguish something, while the service’s highlight is its close and hard-to-access status.

Users are obliged to link their Instagram accounts. Note that your chances are low in case you have less than 250,000 Instagram followers. The approval team approves only the popular members; hence, everybody is willing to penetrate beyond the ‘iron curtain.’ Furthermore, a person needs to think well about which photos to upload so that he or she could catch celebrities’ attention.

Raya dating website features

Safety & Security

In fact, the Raya service is all about safety and security. Those postulates are something the service is based on from the very beginning. The developers guarantee celebrities their profiles would be kept in secret.

On the one hand, the system requires real names, age, and other personal information; while on the other hand, it is problematic to find out which celebrities have profiles on the platform. When a person wishes to make a screenshot, the service displays a banner to fill in the whole screen. Anonymity is something the platform team guarantees. Moreover, a person is able to turn on the incognito mode.

Users are not allowed to diffuse any information, private messages, etc. Violation of those rules leads to a lifetime ban.

Is Raya legit or scam service?

Scammers and catfishes usually conquer different robust systems to enter the website. Raya is not about scammers. Their chances to join the community are equaled to null. A future member of the application should be primarily invited by existing users. 7-8% of applications are approved. The team chooses good-looking popular persons and famous personalities to grant them access to that privileged circle.

The platform is legit, but members should understand what its main goal is. Members looking for lifetime love or long-term relationships are about to become disillusioned soon. The service’s key goal is to spice up the routine. Celebrities are looking for exciting adventures, while other persons frequently dream about a one-night stand with world-known people.

Is Raya legit or scam service?

Subscription types and price

Users cannot browse the service for free. The Raya dating app requires purchasing a premium membership. There are no different packages, discounts, etc., like many other services offer. The premium subscription price is $9.99 monthly. Furthermore, the platform accepts credit cards only. No other payment options are available.

The payment algorithm is entirely straightforward. Click on the ‘Upgrade’ button. Inscribe the required payment information. Confirm your purchase. The users’ anonymity is provided; therefore, you will get a bill without any words about a dating service. Note that the auto-renewal option is activated; hence, the system provides members with non-stop access to all features. When you need to cease your premium membership, cancel the auto-renewal within your settings.

Subscription types and price

Free Membership

Raya enables users with free membership the following options:

  • to download an application to your mobile device;
  • to fill in an application form and send it for approval.

In case a person is approved by the team, all features are paid. Why has the team chosen such a policy? On the one hand, the developers get profits in such a way. Users have no alternatives, while the website is popular enough. Meanwhile, there is another side of a coin. When a person purchases a premium subscription, they prove their reality. Credit cards are linked with real persons only; hence, a person cannot open a fake account.

Thus, the whole interface and policy are planned with one general aim. Foremost, the service should be free of scammers and catfishes, and no one should tell who is using this application. The reviews understand the platform as low-priced. In fact, the subscription is offered at very nominal rates.

Paid Membership

Website Design and Usability

The Raya dating application has no web version. Users need to open an account with the help of their mobile devices. Meanwhile, there is a website to perform the function of informational support. Its design is simple but smooth. The website contains the following menu sections:

  1. About. This section tells a user what the platform is and what are the key goals and principles they need to follow.
  2. Membership. Look through the guide for members to understand which actions may lead to a ban and other sanctions.
  3. Applications. The column tells subscribers about the process of admission. Furthermore, the section contains a link for an application.
  4. Get in Touch. The last section informs a member of useful contacts, available jobs, etc.

Mobile application

The Raya mobile application is launched for iOS only. Owners of Android devices are not accessible to use the service. Such a shift is explained by the fact that celebrities and popular Instagram persons are using iPhones and other Apply devices mostly.

The application requires at least the 12.0 version of iOS, being compatible with all mobile devices (iPhones, iPads, and iPods). Users need to have 126.6 MB of free storage space on their device. The application supports the English language only. No other language options are available. Users rate the app at 4.5 stars.

White color is used as a background to make the app design smooth and relaxing. Bright tones and high-quality photos catch the attention and look harmoniously. The interface is extremely convenient, being a perfect solution for busy people. Members may switch between work and social mode, while the main menu contains five key features:

  • Look at the map to find users nearby.
  • Get access to the playlist.
  • Activate the searching regime.
  • Edit your profile.
  • Enter your chatroom.

Contact information

When a user faces some problems, customer support is available around the clock, seven days a week. There are two ways to contact the team: fill in the contact form or send a mail to [email protected]. The answer is expected to be given within 24 hours.


The Raya platform reminds some members of the outstanding movie ‘Fight Club.’ Subscribers are not supposed to tell who has an account there. That is a private membership that unites celebrities and persons dreaming about one-night stands with famous people. No long-term relations are expected!

There are no limitations from the viewpoint of your ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality, etc. Meanwhile, members under 18 are not admitted. The interface is extremely convenient and time-saving. Spend just several seconds to find the necessary option. Profiles are not detailed but bright and attractive. Furthermore, there are work and social modes; hence, some users can build up their carriers.

Among the cons, users point out they can hardly join the service. A person needs to fill in the application form and wait for approval, but such a measure makes the platform free of scammers. Furthermore, it is possible to download the application for iOS devices only. No other options exist. Raya is an elite dating service, and everyone wishes to enter beyond its ‘iron curtain.’

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