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The Russian Brides website is one of the leading dating platforms for Russian and Ukraine Ladies who Want to Find an American or European man for Live Chat and more.
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Russian Brides Overview

Russian Brides
Russian Brides
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The Russian Brides website is one of the leading dating platforms. It operates as a neutral place where single women meet men from various countries around the globe. Most Russian females’ dream is to live better lives with men in a different country. The site makes it easier for them to find men willing to settle down.

The site features a strict safety policy. Users get verified before they start using the website. The Russian Brides platform aims to offer a trustworthy dating service. The platform also featured extensive profiles. You can get accurate details. Among them are likes, age, and background. Helpful features like messaging and searching also get offered. You will be able to connect with the woman you like quickly.

In the review, you will find out everything else you need to know about the Russian Brides online dating platform.

How does it work?

How does it work?

The Russian Brides online dating platform features European women who want to meet foreign men. To begin, you must open an account and fill out your profile information. After that, you can start looking for a match, and once you find one, you can contact her.

To enjoy more of the site’s features, you must upgrade your membership. It costs 15.99 USD per month. The paid features include unlimited messaging, which allows you to communicate more. The payment gets renewed automatically after the duration subscribed for ends. Users can stop renewal activity.

There is a mingling feature. If you decide to use it, you will reach many people at once. The option allows you to create a message and select several users as recipients.

The Russian Brides website features a contact list where users add the people they have contacted. With that, you can access these people easily the next time you visit the site.

How does it work?

Sign-Up & Login Process

You can sign up at the Russian Brides website through a Google account or email address. The site does not have the Facebook registration option like most similar services. The signing up activity takes at most two minutes. Users do not even need to get verified via email. You can upload pictures and write your bio after registering.

Profile interface

Most people at the Russian Brides site have detailed profiles. The sections of the profile interface include the display photo, interests, and description.

Not all profile details are necessary. Users can modify their personal information later on as they keep using the Russian Brides site. You can upload both the display and cover picture like on Facebook. You can include other details on your profile: body type, likes, the kind of woman you want, and more.

Profile interface


Most of the features at the Russian Brides website are similar to those available on other dating platforms. You can search for a match based on age, body type, height, and so on.

When it comes to communicating, users must upgrade their accounts. The site features various communication options. Among them is the live chat service, whereby users broadcast themselves. With the live chatting function, you can communicate with women in real-time. You can send messages. You can also buy gifts and give them to the people you like.

The Russian Brides website allows members to send three emails each day. There is also a chat room.

One other communication feature on the website is known as Let’s Mingle. The option enables members to send short texts to many people whose description matches their requirements. The feature is free, and it can only be used once per day.


Members structure and activities

The exact number of users at the Russian Brides website is not known. There are one hundred and thirty thousand people from the United States. Most of the people at the platform are from the UK, the US, Algeria, Australia, and the Netherlands.

Each day, the Russian Brides site gets over twelve thousand visitors. Per month, there is an average of more than three hundred thousand site visits. There are more than twenty-five thousand Ukrainian and Russian females searching for men. All the users are over 18 years old.

Users age

The average age of users is 45-55 for males and 18-25 for females.

Sexual preferences

The Russian Brides website focuses on serious relationships. The company does not discriminate against users based on sexual orientation, but most of the people there are straight. You will find older men interested in younger women to have long term relationships.

Race And Ethnicity

The Russian Brides platform is open to anyone around the globe. So, expect to find Asians, ### Religious Orientation

There is no information about religion on the Russian Brides website. So, no matter where you worship, you can join this platform if you wish to meet beautiful Russian women to marry.

Race And Ethnicity

Russian Brides dating website features

The website does not offer unique features. Everything on the platform is similar to what you can find on other related sites. The features include:

  1. Searching: Users can search for brides based on looks, age, location, and more.
  2. Matching: The site uses the information available in people’s profiles to suggest matches.
  3. Gifts: The Russian Brides website member can send and get presents. The items get bought using credits. You can send them to the person you like through the live chatting service.
  4. Mingle: This is the most outstanding feature of the Russian Brides platform. Through it, users send short texts to many people at once. The function can only get used once per day.
  5. Live communication: This is the chatting feature, which enables people to interact through video or messages. It is possible to send people gifts using it. To access the responses from the people you contact, you must buy credits.
Russian Brides dating website features

Safety & Security

There is nothing to worry about when it comes to safety at the Russian Brides site. The company has invested so much in the anti-scam department. People in this sector ensure to contact all female members to prove whether they are real. Apart from that, the site support representatives investigate all user complaints thoroughly. Anyone found to go against the company rules gets banned from the website.

Is Russian Brides legit or scam service?

The website is legit. There is an impressive number of users currently. As per most of them, the dating service is fantastic.

The only question that gets often asked is why most women look like models. Many users feel that it is the Russian Brides website way of attracting users because of the females. However, others disagree with that. The supermodels’ profiles contain several other pictures proving that they are real people.

The service offered at the site is legit. Individual users only need to be careful about who they interact with on the platform.

Subscription types and price

The Russian Brides website charges are as below.

  • Twenty credits: To get one, you will have to pay 0.15 USD. The overall amount becomes 2.99 USD.
  • One month: It costs 15.99 USD.

Payment happens through options like Credit Card and phone. The cost for the first month is 9.99 USD. For the following months, users pay 15.99 USD.

Bear in mind that new users at the Russian Brides platform get memberships with varying costs. After paying the 9.99 USD for the first month, you will enjoy all the website services. Members also enjoy a fifty percent discount on upcoming payments

Free membership

Below are the free services at the Russian Brides platform.

  1. Signing up: Provided you are above 18 years; you can register at the website without paying.
  2. Mingle: This is a feature that members use once each day. The service allows sending Messaging: Free users can send three offline texts to ten different members.
  3. Email: You will get a free introductory mail.
Subscription types and price

Below are the services that premium users enjoy at the Russian Brides site.

  1. Discounts: You become eligible for a cut on every paid feature.
  2. Credits: Users get twenty credits for just 2.99 USD the first time.
  3. Mingle: Unlike in free membership where the mingling feature gets used once a day, the paying members can utilize it unlimited times.
  4. Chatting: Premium Russian Brides website users have unlimited access to the message and video chats.
  5. Emails and texts: You can send as many emails and messages as you wish while offline.

The cost of the above online dating features is 15.99 USD per month. Users can also buy credits at 0.15 USD each.

Website design and usability

The Russian Brides site does not look appealing when you come across it for the first time. However, you should never judge a website by its looks. The moment you sign up and start using it, you will be shocked since its design is incredible. The platform is well-arranged. It has the best blend of perfect design and simple usability. Users can navigate through it quickly.

The Russian Brides website utilizes warm, red tones, which makes it look classy. The beautiful women on the platform also make it appear more elegant.

Mobile application

The Russian Brides website is not available on mobile devices through an app. Instead, users access it through the phone browser. The site functions the same way as on desktop computers. On the mobile, the platform looks more compact and cleaner.

Contact information

Company: SOL Networks Limited

Address: Unit 3, 26/F Greenfield Tower, Concordia Plaza 1, Science Museum RD Tsim Sha Tsui East KL, Hong Kong

Phone: +1 800-480-8077

Email: [email protected]



The Russian Brides site has been useful to most users throughout its existence. The platform has built a good reputation and even raised online dating standards. The company has spent a lot of money on its anti-scam sector, which has enabled it to stand out from most dating platforms. The people in charge of preventing scam at the site talk to every female user to confirm whether they are real. Besides that, the Russian Brides site support team investigates every complaint received from members. If many people complain about a lady, she gets banned from the website. The platform is among the best dating places that adhere to strict safety policies, making it the ideal place for anyone interested in Russian women. The only thing that the site needs is improved features. All of its functions are similar to those found in other dating platforms. Having unique features can make it stand out more. Overall, the Russian Brides is a safe and distinguished dating service.

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